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    Book 1: Vicious
    Book 2: Beast
    Book 3: Thorn
    Book 4: Havoc
    Book 5: Blood
    Book 6: Stryker
    Book 7: Tobias
    Book 8: Justice
    Book 9: Red

Salvations Bane, Book 3
BIN: 009481-03072
August 2020
Changeling Press LLC
111 Pages
Erotic, Contemporary, Motorcycle Club, Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Mariana’s life is falling apart, and just when she thinks she has nowhere to turn, a leather-wearing bad boy biker pulls up and changes her world. When she is left beaten and helpless, the same man takes care of her and promises her a future and she has to decide if she is willing to risk it all for the man who saved her.

Thorn never thought he would have an old lady, but Mariana touches a part of him he never though any could find. When he is called because her ex beats her until she loses her baby, he is determined to take care of her and make sure the scum who killed her baby never gets another chance to cause her pain.

Mariana appreciates everything Thorn does for her and the beauty of intimacy with a real man, but she believes there is no way a man like him could want her for life. Thorn cannot imagine a life without her and he is trying to ease her into a lifetime together, but first he must take care of her past in order to have a future together. Can they find a way to each other, or will Mariana cut and run before they can ever get started?

Ms. Karland knows how to bring emotion to her stories. The characters in this book grab hold of the reader and brings them along for a ride of their life. Mariana seems to be weak at first, but within the arms of Thorn she heals and finds her voice. The life of an MC member is complicated at best and not for everyone, and the reader wonders with every page just how this broken and battered woman can rise from the flames. Some would think the author had her bounce back too fast, but I appreciate the author’s view that women can recover, mourn, and move on to a different reality. I absolutely loved these characters and the writing of the author and will read every book in this series as her writing keeps drawing me back.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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