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If you like asking authors questions, then you need to join us as an Interviewer.  All you need is to be able to type, ask questions, and you can be a Coffee Crew interviewer.  Contact us to learn more


Just so you know, we do ebooks and paperbacks.  You would be required to do a certain number of ebooks prior to being considered for reviewing paperbacks. This is not a guarantee.

What I would like for you to do is prepare a review based on a book (any genre) that you have recently read.  Then based on the rules that are listed below, please write and submit a review.  Upon receiving your review; our editing staff will read it, and get back with you shortly.

Cup Rating system:

  • 5 – very rare, extraordinary read
  • 4 – a keeper
  • 3 – good read
  • 2 – has several problems
  • 1 – very poor read

All Reviews need to have:

Title (in capital letters)
Author (in capital letters)
Date/month/year published
Publisher’s URL(website address)
What kind of book(e-book or hardcover)
Number of Pages(if available)
Genre (must be the same as publisher listing)
Rating (no * symbols number and cups, example 4 Cups)

Some times you may need to go to the authors site and Publisher’s site and look them up to find the information!

Help with your review:

Only a part of the review should be a synopsis of the story — the Reader can find all that out by reading a cover blurb or excerpt. Your job as a reviewer is the review the story.

  1. How was the character development? Talk about it.
  2. How did you relate to the characters? Why?
  3. Was the language believable? Why?
  4. Was the story believable? Why?

Saying “you will enjoy this book” and not backing up why isn’t a review, it is just a statement. Explain why the reader may or may not like the story.


We do not tell our reviewers what to rate a book and encourage creative expression. As long as it is professional and not a personal attack. We do have a main structure that we require for all reviews. Please prepare your review as follows:

  • 1st Paragraph – Character Development of one of the main Characters of the book
  • 2nd Paragraph – Character Development of one of the main Characters of the book that you did not discuss in the first paragraph
  • 3rd Paragraph – Plot or Story line development of the book with OUT giving away any important or cliff hanger portions of the book.
  • 4th Paragraph – Your opinion of the story overall and why you rated it what you did. This should be at least 4-7 sentences.

At the bottom of your review, please use the following signature block (with your own name):

Your Reviewer’s Name (first name only)
Coffee Time Romance & More

Questions? Ask us! We want to help. Contact us!

When you have completed this, please send your review to us so that our Editors can evaluate it and contact you with any questions or further instructions on joining our Coffee Crew!

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