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Will Elk Woman Win the Heart of Medicine Paint?

1810 Montana (known as Indian Country at this time in history)

Medicine Paint—of the Blackfeet Tribe—has known Elk Woman since the day she was born. As young adults, he is both irritated by her, yet intrigued by her. When they were young, she won many foot races against him, though he was six winters older than she. To Medicine Paint, she is nothing but a female aggravation. However, she is also one of the best hunters in camp, and when Medicine Paint’s father asks him to take Elk Woman as his hunting partner, Medicine Paint feels offended, yet he agrees.

Over the years Elk Woman has grown into a young and beautiful woman, one who is a matrimonial catch and much sought after by the young men within the tribe. Even her prowess as a hunter does not dismay her many suitors. Yet, she has loved only one man all her life and will marry no one else but him, if he would only ask her.

As hunting partners, the two become friends and Medicine Paint has learned to swallow his pride. But, will he ever come to think of her as anything more than a feminine irritation?


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Amber Daulton

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Tory Richards

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