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Big Bundle.

These gracious authors are ready to make your Christmas by giving one lucky winner a copy of their paperback books, kindle, ebooks, Amazon gift cards, pens, bookmarks, anthologies, trilogies, and more.

Each author will also be giving away one of their books or prizes to one individual player.

All you have to do is go to the author sites below, find the sentence and the missing word, come back to the form and add it. Easy as Pie.

Have Fun!

December 2018

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  • Amelia R. Murray
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  • Show it off Saturday
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  • Author Dish

HeartFelt Promos Tip

Want to sell more books this holiday season? Have a giveaway! Giveaways are a great way to get current and new readers interested in your book(s). Our favorite way to get readers to our site is to create an advent calendar and then have a prize for every visitor on each day. These don’t have to be physical prizes they can be digital such as printables like bookmarks, postcards, and adult coloring pages. And here’s a bonus tip! If you have a holiday release have your printables themed around your holiday release. This will encourage visitors to check out your new holiday release and give them a few cool prizes as well!

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New Books this Month


The Writer's Room, a gathering place for aspiring authors. Mark your calendars, on the 1st of each month, Author, Susan Palmquist will be sharing her experience to help authors and aspiring authors. 

December's Class - five easy to follow tips for setting writing goals for the new year...even if you've failed before.

Even if you're not and just want to be a more productive writer, stop by The Writer's Room this Friday to get tips and hints how to schedule your time and reach your goals. Click here to visit our blog

Latest News & Events

Check out the latest from our Steampunk and Coffee Thoughts Blogs and stay up to date with the latest news!

Latest Reviews

Centaur of Attention by C.B. Archer

  CENTAUR OF ATTENTION College of United Monsters, Book 2 C.B. ARCHER ISBN#: 9780463735015 October 2018 Deep Desires Press E-book $2.99 51 Pages M/M Paranormal Erotic Romance Rating: 3 Cups Hugh Min is a human that was found as a small...

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Dark Rising by M.A. Gonzales

Dark Tide Chronicles Book 1:  Dark Rising DARK RISING Dark Tide Chronicles, Book 1 M.A. GONZALES ASIN#: B07HYRNYHN October 2018 M.A. Gonzales E-book $2.99 334 Pages Paranormal Romance Rating: 4 Cups Elora ran from her supernatural community...

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Hidden Cargo by Sarah Marsh

Alien Captors Book 1: Precious Cargo Book 2:  Hidden Cargo HIDDEN CARGO Alien Captors, Book 2 SARAH MARSH ISBN#: 9781773398099 October 2018 Evernight Publishing E-book $3.99 123 Pages Menage, Gay, Erotic, Sci-Fi Rating: 5 Cups...

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This Month….

  • Janna MacGregor
  • Rachel Brimble
  • Carla Neggers

Authors Dish

Coffee Time Romance & More is asking you to dish on your writing.

October’s Question: Of your published titles to date, which hero is your favorite and why? Tell us here


This month with with Angela Smith and Kerry Blaisdell. Click here

CTRR Awards

Coffee Time Romance reviewers read hundreds of books each month, in order to bring you the best for your reading pleasure.
Out of all these books only a select few receive our coveted CTRR Award.

Recent Winners:

A Family for Life by Linda L Lattimer

I live in southern Georgia and like to stay to myself most of the time. I love quiet time. I have three wonderful, loving daughters, Marvetta, Suzanne, and Lisa Renee’ who give me much support and love. We share a bond that is full of love and respect for each other....

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A Matter of Honor by Stephanie Sullivan

As a teenager in the 1980s, Stephanie fell in love with romance novels after borrowing a friend’s copy of Betray Not My Passion by Sylvie F. Sommerfield. This began a mail correspondence with Mrs. Sommerfield that lasted several years, and those letters of...

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In Sickness and in Health by Ben Mattlin

BEN MATTLIN is a freelance writer, editor, and essayist in Los Angeles. I love to expand my horizons by reading books from different genres. I must say this is the first book I went into reading for understanding and instead found a new point of interview through the...

read more

Coffee House Authors

Alexandra O'Hurley Elyzabeth M. VaLey Kinsey Corwin Robin Renee Ray
Amelia R. Murray Ericka Scott Lacee Hightower Rosalie Stanton
Amy Rose Bennett Franny Armstrong Laura Tolomei Roseanne Dowell
Angela Raines Gen Bailey Lauren Linwood Roz Lee
Angela Smith Gina Gordon Lauren Clark Ruth Ann Nordin
Anju Gattani Gwynn Morgan Lex Valentine Ryssa Edwards
Anna Chaput Harley M Cranston Libby Waterford Sabrina York
Anna Durand J J Sorel Lily Graison SaBrowny Rae
Anne Hope Jackie M. Smith Linda Bradley Samara King
BA Tortuga Jackie Weger Linda Lattimer Scarlet Hunter
Beth Hale James L. Hatch Lisa Marie Wilkinson Shannan Albright
Bev Haynes Jane O'Roarke London Saint James Sharon Ashwood
Billi Jean Jane Toombs Lori Derby Bingley Shiela Stewart
Bree M. Lewandowski Janice Seagraves Margie Church Sibel Hodge
Brenda Whiteside Jennifer James Mariana Gabrielle Sophia Kimble
C. J. Starr Jennifer Robins Mary Alford Sorchia DuBois
C.M. Moore Jenny Penn Mary Carter Talia R. Blackwood
Candy Caine Jill Hughey Michelle L. Levigne Tara Fox Hall
Carole Ann Moleti Jill Jaynes Miss Mae Tara Quan
Cassandra Carr Judith B. Glad Moira Keith Tess Morrison
Cassandra L Shaw Judy Baker Morgan Kearns Tory Richards
Cassiel Knight Julia Bade N.J. Walters Vicki Batman
Cat Adams Julia Talbot Nadine Christian Zenobia Renquist
Catherine Chernow Karen Kay Nancy Haddock  
Cecilia Dominic Karen Stivali Opal Carew  
Cristal Ryder Kate Steele Pamela Labud  
Danica St. Como Kaye Spencer Peggy Jaeger  
Debora Dennis Kayelle Allen P.L. Parker  
Deirdre O'Dare Kelley Heckart Piper Denna  
Denysé Bridger Kelly McDonough Rae Monet  
Donna Del Oro Kerry Adrienne Regina Paul  
Doralynn Kennedy Kerry Blaisdell Rhonda Lee Carver  

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