• Salvations Bane MC

    Book 1: Vicious
    Book 2: Beast
    Book 3: Thorn
    Book 4: Havoc
    Book 5: Blood
    Book 6: Stryker
    Book 7: Tobias
    Book 8: Justice
    Book 9: Red

Salvation’s Bane MC, Book 8
BIN: 00908-03181
May 2021
Changeling Press LLC
110 Pages
Erotic, Motorcycle Club Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Justice took the fall to protect his club, but now a judge is telling him he is free due to a person he never met. When she walks, or he should say stumbles, in the door he was ill-prepared the impact it would have on his life.

Mae just wanted to free an innocent man, but had no idea how deep the corruption went, and now they want her dead. Justice has declared himself as her protector, but she is afraid someone is going to need to save her from the pain that loving Justice just may cause.

There is more at stake than Justice’s freedom and Mae’s life and when the picture becomes clearer, world domination is on the table. Justice must keep Mae safe, find the mole in his club, and figure out how to prevent world domination even if he must clasp hands with his club and others to prevent the ultimate corruption of humanity.

Justice and Mae’s story is a chapter in the saga and is every bit a thrilling read. Many answers will be found but more questions will be asked. The characters are magnetic and leave the reader wanting to learn more about all of them. The women in the series are strong but let their men take the lead. The men are alpha cavemen all the way, but their women are the priority. If you love your romance with a bit of spice, then Justice and Salvation Bane MC are perfect for you.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More


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