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    Book 1: Vicious
    Book 2: Beast
    Book 3: Thorn
    Book 4: Havoc
    Book 5: Blood
    Book 6: Stryker
    Book 7: Tobias
    Book 8: Justice
    Book 9: Red

Book #2 in the Salvation’s Bane Series
BIN: 009394-03043
June 2020
Changeling Press LLC
104 Pages
Erotic, Contemporary, MC Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Beast is the enforcer of his club and he will do anything to uphold the rules of the club and all their businesses. When he discovers there are some who are using two of Salvation Banes businesses to do horrible things to innocent victims, he takes action.

Fleur has no idea she is part of a nefarious plan set up by one she thought she could trust. When she is rescued by Beast, she has no idea why a man so tough and scary makes her feel so safe but she goes with it and jumps in with both feet when life seems to offer her something she has never had; family.

Fleur finds a place in Beast’s life and thinks of him as two men; Beast the enforcer and Gideon, a kind and loving man. Unbeknownst to Beast, he is about to run into someone who would alter his entire world, but can he hang on to a bright future, or will he let it pass him by?

Ms. Karland is a wonderful MC writer and her characters are well crafted to enable the reader to get to know them. I enjoyed how she did not make Fleur a victim, but instead someone who refuses to let her past determine her future. I like the MC she has created and enjoy reading this series. Though the members are rough; the MC is a family and you do not mess with the family. If you are a fan of the MC genre, then give Salvation Bane MC and Beast a read.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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