Salvations Bane MC

Book 1: Vicious
Book 2: Beast
Book 3: Thorn
Book 4: Havoc
Book 5: Blood
Book 6: Stryker
Book 7: Tobias
Book 8: Justice
Book 9: Red

Salvation’s Bane MC, Book 9
BIN: 00994603227
August 27, 2021
Changeling Press, LLC
133 Pages
Erotic, Motorcycle Club Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Red is a man who feels too old for the woman he wants, so he does his best to discourage her; going as far as to tear her heart out in front of everyone. He does it to divert the attention of his crazy ex and the degenerate son she raised to hate him away from the woman he loved.

Rosanna may be young, but she is not dumb and she is getting tired of being jerked around and watching the man she loved being a human punching bag to his ex and demon spawn son. When Red slanders her to one and all, she is done. She can see no reason to continue trying to make someone love her who never will, so she is out.

Red is shocked to find Rosanna has left and is under the protection of another club. Unfortunately, he to clean up the mess made by his corrupted son and his merry band of perverts running the local DA office. His son has one last chance to live, but Red knows he could never live without Rosanna. He has one chance left – will he mess it up?

Ms. Karland is a fabulous writer and I enjoy her MC romances. I think this is the first one where I thought the armor dented hero needed to have his head bashed in and Rosanna is the perfect woman to get the job done. I did not like Red at all, as there was very little redeeming value in this man with the exception of the love Rosanna had for him. I was so happy when she started fighting back and calling him out on his crap. Rosanna was a perfectly balanced character who knew when to stand up and when to step back, and she fought harder than anyone to preserve herself and love her man at the same time. I enjoyed the wonderful writing and the newest chapter of Salvations Bane  Story.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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