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A Seaside Christmas:  Book 10 by Sherryl Woods- Contemporary

After Midnight by Katherine Garbera-

Candlelight Christmas:  Book 10 by Susan Wiggs-

Hot and Bothered by Serena Bell-

Return of Dr. Irresistible by Amalie Berlin-

Seducing the Marine by Kate Hoffman-

Sway With Me:  Book 1 by Caitlin Ricci-

Tempted by her Boss by Scarlet Wilson-

Wound Up:  Book 2 by Kelli Ireland-

A Fighter’s Choice by Sam Crescent-
Contemporary, Erotic

Nina’s Dom:  Book 4 by Raven McAllan-
Contemporary, Erotic

Scores:  Book 3 by Kiru Taye-
Contemporary, Erotic

Wilde Ink:  Book 3 by Susan Hayes-
Contemporary, Erotic

Owning Sarah by Julie Shelton-
Contemporary, Erotic,

Ryker’s Justice by Leann Sontheimer Murphy-
Contemporary, Erotic, Suspense

Christmas at Tiffany’s by Karen Swan-
Contemporary, Fiction

A Walk Through Fire by Felice Stevens-
Contemporary, GLBT

My Beagle, The Yenta by Terry O’Reilly-
Contemporary, GLBT

Shadowwalker:  Book 5 by Rhonda L. Print-
Contemporary, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy

Death by High Heels:  Book 1 by Violet Ingram-
Contemporary, Suspense

Deliverance at Cardwell Ranch:  Book 6 by B. J. Daniels-
Contemporary, Suspense

Midnight Rider by Joanna Wayne-
Contemporary, Suspense

Georgia Knights by Julia Talbot-

Only for You:  Book 3 by Beth Kery-

Only if It Pleases:  Book 1 by Sindra Van Yssel-

My Alien Boyfriend by Elizabeth Monvey-
Erotic, GLBT, SciFi

Alphy’s Challenge:  Book 1 by Tigertalez-
Erotic, Paranormal

Assassins Bite:  Book 8 by Mary Hughes-
Erotic, Paranormal

Bane of her Desire by Kira Shayde-
Erotic, Paranormal

Branded by Sin:  Book 1 by Alyssa Breck-
Erotic, Paranormal

Cover him with Darkness:  Book 1 by Janine Ashbless-
Erotic, Paranormal

Nightfall by Joey W. Hill & Desiree Holt-
Erotic, Paranormal

Dark Secrets by Madeline Pryce-
Erotic, Urban Fantasy

Sealing the Portal by Margaret L. Carter-
Fantasy, Paranormal

After the Rain:  Book 4 by Lilian Darcy-

Transcend, the Fillmore Agency by West Thornhill-
GLBT, Paranormal

Dangerous Works by Caroline Warfield-

The Spoils of Avalon:  Book 1 by Mary F. Burns-
Historical, Suspense

Emma Blooms at Last:  Book 2 by Naomi King-

Navy Seal Noel:  Book 3 by Liz Johnson-
Inspirational, Suspense

Divine Love:  Book 1 by Bethany Avery-

Must Love Fangs:  Book 3 by Jessica Sims-

Scar Tissue by Evie Jayne-

Whispers in a Dead Man’s Ear-

Cold Case in Cherokee Crossing:  Book 4 by Rita Herron-

Deadly Interest:  Book 2 by Julie Hyzy-

Death of a Second Wife:  Book 4 by Maria Hudgins-

Insane Train:  Book 2 by Sheldon Russell-

Silent Night by C.J. Kyle-

The Sudoku Puzzle Murders:  Book 9 by Parnell Hall-

When the Past Haunts You:  Book 3 by L.C. Hayden-

A Secret to Die For:  Book 8 by Sierra Dean-
Urban Fantasy

Bad Blood:  Volume 1 by Nicky Peacock-
Urban Fantasy, Young Adult

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HeartFelt Promos

The Lord, Book 8 Virtus Saga by Laura Tolomei

The Princess, Book 7 Virtus Saga by Laura Tolomei

Through a Dark Mirror by Regina Paul

The Oath, Promise Me Book 1 by Tara Fox Hall

Sophia's Desire by Gina Duncan

Save Me, Believe Again, Rise Series Book 2 by Natalie-Nicole Bates

Paradise on the Horizon by Mary M. Forbes

None of These Dreams by Iyana Jenna

Lilly's Christmas Surprise by Regina Paul

Frost, Flame and Flower by Regina Paul

Forget Me Not Christmas by Natalie-Nicole Bates

Forever Red Christmas by Natalie-Nicole Bates

Flawed by Iyana Jenna and Alviera Marisha

Fire and Ice, Seasons of the Vampire Book 1 by Maya DeLeina

Doppleganger by Veronica Blaque

Destiny's Holiday, Destiny Series Book 1.5 by Regina Paul

Christmas with the Black Sheep by Natalie-Nicole Bates

Christmas Vacation by Moit Miller

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4 Cups - Outstanding Great Read. It is not excellent, but it is certainly worth reading. You'll enjoy this book very much. This book should be at the top of your list.

3 Cups - A Good Read. This is a good to read book.  It is the sort of book that you enjoy while you are reading it. When compared to others it is good but not amazing.

2 Cups - The book has several problems. If a book receives a two cup rating, then the reviewer did not like it. You ask why? Maybe the book was so confusing with the characters, the reviewer could not keep up; or the plot did not make sense; or the book was long and drawn out.

1 Cup - The book very poor read. Reading this book is a waste of your time.


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