Publisher Listings

Thank you to all of the wonderful publishers who take the time and effort to bring us the things we love…books! If you are a publisher and would like to add your information, please let us know!

This page is filled with information that was given to us by the publisher and/or their representative. Coffee Time Romance & More has no control over any of their policies, procedures, or inner workings of the publishing houses.

Absolute XPress

E-book/short run printing publisher in the Fiction Genre (Romance, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Mystery, Horror, Dark Fantasy)


Alinar Publishing

Alinar Publishing is a group of independent authors who sell their work on the internet. We aim to provide a place where visitors can find great reads. Alinar Publishing LLP is a non profit-making publishing co-operative and services to our authors are free. We will be selling fiction varying in length from short stories through to long novels. The site will also have free reads of varying length. Our ratings will vary from from General to Sultry.


Amira Press

Amira Press embraces a world of many colors and many cultures, which is reflected in our fiction. We are excited to introduce some of the finest authors to you in the e-publishing business, and are confident that you will find our company to be comparable to other small press publishers.


Amber Quill Press

Amber Quill Press, LLC, provides exciting books in both electronic and paperback format! Since opening our doors in October, 2002, we have never been open to outside submissions. Instead, to form our roster of authors, we hand-selected writers who not only possess enormous talent, but who firmly believe in the fine art of sensual writing, and who continually develop and excel at their chosen craft. From offering tales of gripping suspense and paranormal romance, hair-raising horror and spellbinding science fiction, to enchanting fantasies and sweeping historical sagas, Amber Quill Press, LLC, is certain to have something to satisfy your needs!


Amber Heat

Amber Heat is the erotic romance imprint of Amber Quill Press. At the separate Amber Heat website, you will find gripping tales of erotic suspense and sizzling paranormal erotica, sensual tales of cowboys, pirates, or shape-shifters, alluring vampire erotica, and spellbinding erotic futuristic fiction, sexy erotic fantasies and sweeping historical tales of love and lust, stories to satisfy your salacious needs and deepest desires!

Amber Allure

Amber Allureis the Gay/Lesbian imprint of Amber Quill Press, offering various genres and sub-genres within this growing fiction market.

Avid Publishing LLC
We warmly welcome you all to our new publishing house; Avid Publishing LLC which launched on April 16, 2018 on our Facebook page. As a new publishing house, we welcome all Authors to submit their manuscripts to us and we welcome all Readers to take an interest in our upcoming Authors and Book List.

We bring to you quality work and an escape into literary pleasure!!!


Avon (Harper Collins)

Avon has been publishing award-winning books since 1941. It is recognized for having pioneered the historical romance category and continues to bring the best of commercial literature to the broadest possible audience. With our collection of amazing and unforgettable reads in historical, contemporary and paranormal romance, Avon brings top talent to readers each month.

Avon A is home to the most compelling voices in contemporary women’s literature. With exciting titles in smart women’s fiction and timely non-fiction, our trade fiction line brings a breadth of reading group favorites and fun, impossible-to-put-down fiction that rings true with female readers.

Avon Inspire is Avon’s line of inspirational women’s fiction that features that which matters most: family, community, faith, and love. Encompassing contemporary romance, chick lit, romantic suspense, and historicals, these captivating stories engage the heart and refresh the spirit.

Avon Red bestows the best, most sophisticated erotic fiction available in the industry, written by the most talented authors. Avon Red is at the forefront of this up-and-coming genre and continuously brings stories so steamy and sensual you’ll need a hot shower after reading.


Awe-Struck E-Books

We publish romance, sci fi, sci fi romance, historical, Regency, the Silver Linings line (inspirational romance), the Byte Me line (teen fiction), as well as nonfiction ebooks.


Beachwalk Press, Inc.

Beachwalk Press, Inc. is an electronic romance publisher. We publish all subgenres of romance between 15,000 and 75,000 words with a rating of “sensual” or higher.


Beau to Beau Books

Beau to Beau Books is an e-book and print publisher of GLBT and heterosexual literature, including but not limited to romance, erotic romance, mystery, paranormal, suspense, humor, etc., fiction and nonfiction, in the form of short stories, anthologies, and novel length works, as well as others which are not necessarily categorized as either, such as horror, westerns, mystery, suspense, fantasy, etc., etc. Submissions are always welcome.


Blade Publishing

Blade Publishing publishes books of all genres in multiple digital formats. Our goal is not to put out as many books as we can each week, but to publish a select few from the best authors we find each month. Blade Publishing publishes books of all genres in multiple digital formats.


Black Lyon Publishing, LLC

Black Lyon Publishing, LLC is an independent publishing house operating in the beautiful state of Oregon. Established in January of 2007, we are a royalty-paying publisher focusing on literary love stories and romance in trade paperback and ebook formats.


Black Velvet Seductions

At Black Velvet Seductions we are always searching for talented new authors. We are eager to look at the work of both new and established authors.The majority of the work currently under contract with us is authored by authors who were previously unpublished in book length fiction. We are currently acquiring in all of our lines and in all romance sub-genres, although we are quite heavy in romantic suspense, and so manuscripts that fall into that genre generally take longer to review. We publish some very traditional romance novels but we also publish books that push boundaries and explore love and sex in unique ways.


Bonaparte Press
Bonaparte Press is a micro-publishers of Romance, Science Fiction Romance, and Urban Fantasy. We publish less than 10 titles a year and accept a limited number of submissions. Many of our authors are hand selected during pitch sessions and conference events during the year.


BooksForABuck is an independent ePublisher that provides a commercial outlet to authors in Romance, Science Fiction, Mystery/Suspense, and General Fiction. We specialize in highly affordable electronic fiction, with prices ranging from $1-$3.99 for novel-length fiction. Our current royalty rate is 50% (for books sold directly). We are looking for excellent novels of greater than 50,000 words. We also offer paper publication for interested authors.


Books to Go Now

Books to Go Now pride ourselves with representing great stories at low prices. We offer all genres of fiction, but we carry many in the romance genre. Our stories are sold on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, as PDF and we have our own app. Each story is its own Droid app on the Android Marketplace.

We want to take you into the digital age offering a market that will allow you to grow along with us in our journey through the new frontier of digital publishing.

Some of our favorite award-winning authors have now joined us. We welcome readers and writers into our community.


Bottom Drawer Publications

Read whatever … wherever … whenever.

Bottom Drawer Publications is a full service, royalty paying publisher of romantic and erotic fiction in a range of sub-genres. We publish e-books in all story lengths from 5,000 words for an anthology short to 100k plus novels. We’ve recently added print books for novels of 50,000 + words.


Breathless Press

In July 2009, Justyn Perry realised a long time dream of his when he opened the doors of Breathless Press. Having worked for one of Canada’s largest Genre Publishing Houses, he approached his new endeavour from a solid background in publishing and he was armed with a goal – to make Breathless Press one of the best publishers of romantic and erotic fiction in the market and a place where the authors would feel at home.

Having seen a decline in the number of quality eBooks being published, Justyn saw an opening in the market for a publisher dedicated to producing books of a high calibre and he had an ambitious plan to release between 2 – 3 new titles each week. Thanks to a stunning launch line-up of authors which included Sable Grey and Sheila Stewart along with around 20 additional contracted titles, Breathless Press was well on their way to a strong start. In a market full of eBook publishers, Breathless Press was already standing out thanks to their reputation for excellence.

Breathless Press has continued to go from strength to strength and in October 2011, they made the move into the world of print. Further expansion took place in June 2012 when Justyn launched Lycaon Press, a Young Adult imprint.


Calderwood Books

Calderwood Books was born from Joy Calderwood’s passion for reading good books, and from a conviction that there are far more good books being written than are actually being published. The publishing world being what it is, we at Calderwood Books wanted to form a flexible, interesting company that would actively seek out both new and established authors.


Cacoethes Publishing House, LLC.

Cacoëthes—pronounced KAK-oh-EE-theez—is Greek for “uncontrollable desire.” And at Cacoëthes Publishing House, we have an uncontrollable desire to publish quality works of literature, in all genres of writing. We have a commitment to ourselves and to our audience to be the best and produce the best.


Captiva Press (Placida Publishing, LLC)

We’re a small, independent publisher, located in southwest Florida. Our goal is to put out good stories that are well-edited to “capture” your imagination. We are a royalty-paying, non-subsidy, non-vanity press. We also have plans to put longer works into POD print. We’re accepting many fiction genres, both mainstream and romance/erotic (including GLBT and menage). We are not interested in YA/teen, inspirational, biographies, screenplays, or poetry. We are currently open for submissions, please see our website for details.


Carnal Passions

Carnal Passions is the erotic romance imprint for Champagne Books, an independent small press located in Calgary, AB Canada . Our books are available in electronic and trade paperback formats. At the separate imprint, you’ll find books too hot to list with Champagne, and in a wide variety of genres and themes, from your favorites to new and exciting erotic fantasies. With only the best authors, you can be guaranteed of the highest quality fiction at the best possible price.


Cerridwen Press

Cerridwen Press™ specializes in all the varieties of mainstream fiction, including science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, mystery/suspense, women’s fiction, contemporary and historical romance, horror, and humor. We do not publish non-fiction, poetry, children’s literature, inspirational/religious stories, or category-style romances. (No secret baby, Big Misunderstanding, amnesiac in the storm, ex-SEAL-turned-sheriff, billionaire’s secretary/mistress, or TSTL heroines.)


Cerridwyn Publishing

Captivating readers one story at a time.

Submissions | Special Calls

Champagne Books

Champagne Books is an independent small press located in Calgary, AB Canada. Our books are available in electronic and trade paperback formats. With only the best authors, you can be guaranteed of the highest quality fiction at the best possible price.


Chances Press

Chances Press is an independent publisher of paperback and e-book titles.


Changeling Press

We publish Sci-Fi, Futuristic, Paranormal, Fantasy, Suspense, Horror, and Humor, BDSM, and Fetish Love Stories. What’s a Love Story? While there should be a highly erotic and romantic element to the book, relationships and endings should be plot driven. We’re looking for the unique, the improbable. Set your imagination free. Push the envelope, write “Outside the box,” and let your creative muse out to play. Please keep in mind, we’ve only got one heat level. Over-the-top hot! We’ve got our asbestos gloves ready, and we can handle anything you send us as long as it meets our guidelines!


Choc Lit

Established in 2008, Choc Lit is a small independent publisher, specialising in quality romantic fiction for today’s independent woman, where the writing clearly develops the hero’s point of view. Not surprisingly, we believe that the enjoyment of a good read is enhanced by the taste of chocolate. Got what it takes to create a Choc Lit hero? If you have a novel with an irresistible hero and you’re looking for a publisher, why not send it to us for consideration?


Class Act Books

CLASS ACT BOOKS is a royalty-paying, electronic publisher of electronic and trade paperback books. We are dedicated to offering quality fiction that fulfills all desires of the reading public. Our titles are romantic fiction that will sweep you away into beautiful, exciting worlds our authors have created just for you.


Cobblestone Press

Cobblestone Press is an electronic, full service publisher of mainstream, sensual, and erotic romance, releasing two to three digital books a week in a variety of downloadable formats. It is our mission to provide quality romance books in electronic formats and to raise the standard in digital publishing.


Crescent Moon Press

Plunge Into The Moonlight

Publisher of Romantic Science Fiction, Fantasy and Paranormal


Dancing With Bear Publishing

A publisher that keeps the authors in mind.” I first began DWB Publishing after writing Dancing With Bear: A Love Story, the true life story of my relationship with my late husband, J. Bear Marler. After having written about 20 erotic romance novels, I came back to my relationship with Jesus Christ and decided to self-publish A Love Story. Then I thought, why not help others who are trying to get published but feel as if there is no place for “clean” reads? Voila! Dancing With Bear Publishing was born, followed by DWB Children’s Line, because the cubs like to read too!


Dare Empire eMedia Productions

“…An Empire built to Achieve, Designed for Success…”

Dare Empire is a multi-genre Publisher, all fiction Genres accepted. We also accept previously published titles with expired contracts.


Decadent Publishing Company, LLC

We’re an ebook and print publisher. We take all genres of romance and erotica, but are especially interested in submissions for our “Late Escape” line of romance for (and about) older couples. Our company moto is Indulge your book fetish


Dark Mirror Publishing

Founded in 2013, Dark Mirror is a e-publisher of all levels of erotica and some horror. As a royalty-paying publisher providing editorial support and cover art for our authors, our goal is to establish robust relationships with selected authors. We are actively seeking authors with original voices and new ideas – or new twists on old ideas. Appreciation is growing for tales that highlight strong contrasts in characters or their situations, especially in the paranormal, BBW and M/M sub-genres, but all erotica is welcome. Dark Mirror appreciates and prefers works in a variety of word counts, ranging from short story to full-length novels. Come find your place in the Dark Mirror.


Devine Destinies

Devine Destinies is the mainstream imprint of eXtasy Books. Devine Destinies is a New Age/paranormal/ghosts etc, although we accept spiritual romance and other genres as well.


Draumr Publishing

We are currently seeking submissions for Draumr Publishing fiction genres such as science fiction, fantasy, horror, mystery, adventure, suspense/thriller, non-bbw romances (including all the subgenres listed above), and gay/lesbian stories.


Dreamspinner Press

Publishers of m/m romantic fiction in both print and e-book formats as well as e-book only short fiction. Our talented writers will satisfy your desire for high quality m/m romance. Genres include contemporary, historical, fantasy, science fiction, action/adventure, and mystery. Dreamspinner Press offers quiet romance, supernatural passion, out-of-this-world lovers, kinky explorations, and heated dreams to whet your appetite for romantic homoerotica.


Eclectic Soul Publications Inc.
Eclectic Soul Publications Inc. is the parent company of SK MINIS – a erotic romance imprint specializing in Anthologies, novels and short stories. In Spring 2012, ESP will debut Blush, ultra -sexy and quick reads.

Submissions by invitation only

Ellora’s Cave

Ellora’s Cave is THE place to be for erotic romances. Our site receives over 50,000 hits daily and averages sales of over 65,000 e-books per month. Our readership continues to grow by the thousands and our reputation within the e-publishing community is flawless. Ellora’s Cave is ALWAYS open to new submissions of erotic romances.


Eirelander Publishing

Eirelander Publishing is a royalty paying publisher welcoming both new and established authors. We publish in both ebook (electronic) and print (pod) and are accepting manuscripts in all genres except YA (young adult) at this time. We accept all heat levels from sweet to extreme heat.


Entangled Publishing

Entangled Publishing is a boutique publisher of romance fiction. We publish paranormal, urban fantasy, sci fi, upper YA, contemporary, suspense/mystery/thrillers, and novellas.


Envision School Publishing

At Envision, our focus is on books and authors. We review each manuscript submitted to us for publication, taking into consideration the readiness of the work, specific editing and design needs, marketability, and the author’s expectations. We are an author-subsidy publisher offering personalized service and professional quality to each one of our authors.

We work in niche markets in a few select genres. At the moment our focus is in romance, paranormal adult novels, and some children books. We don’t do YA or board books


Erotique Press

Erotiqué is but one place to find erotic fiction. We do not aspire to be better than any other, only to be the best we can possibly be. As a company, we share a common goal in the industry. We want to touch readers in a way that makes them feel the most extreme sensations and emotions. Each of our authors is hand selected and each of them shares our vision. We do not offer fiction based on gratuitous or flagrant sexual gratification. We do offer sensual delights that a human can experience in the realm of sexual satisfaction and emotional attachment.


Eternal Press

Eternal Press was founded 12th of June 2007 by Julie .A. D’Arcy with a goal of bringing books that allow compulsive readers to discover new realms, taking them on adventures through the creative minds of today’s most talented authors. We hope you’ll agree. . . our books are awesome! During our selection process, only top-notch manuscripts are selected as part of our commitment to provide a wide array of genres, edited to the best of our ability, and presented for our reader’s pleasure. Eternal Press, eternally committed to the needs of authors and readers alike.


Etopia Press

Etopia Press is currently looking for the best, most unique, most well-crafted stories out there — and we know they’re out there. Traditional genre fiction, non-traditional or cross-genre fiction, general and literary fiction — there’s no limit to where a writer’s imagination can go when he or she is inspired, and there’s always a reader who wants to go along for the ride.


European Geeks Publishing

European Geeks Publishing is a new, exciting, small press that believes in the support and promotion of its authors. We partner with our authors, making sure they are involved in the entire process – from cover art to marketing.

At European Geeks Publishing, we focus on a smaller catalog to ensure that we spend an adequate amount of time with each author from the beginning steps through to the marketing and promotion of each book launch to ensure maximum success for each project.

We specialize in science fiction and fantasy – in picture books, Young Adult, New Adult, and Adult genres.


Evernight Publishing

Evernight Publishing is a digitial publisher, specializing in romance, erotic romance, and urban fantasy. We accept all sub-genres and heat levels.



eXcessica publishes everything from sweet to scorching, including the taboo stuff other e-publishers won’t touch. eXcessica authors cross the spectrum from award-winning professionals to fresh, new voices. Some are here because they want complete control over their work. Others are here because they want a larger cut of their sales proceeds. Still others, because their material is considered too edgy for traditional e-publishers.


eXtasy Books

We accept submissions in all the sub-genres: romance, sensual romance, BDSM, G/L/B, interracial, African/American, Alternate Lifestyles, Gay/Lesbian, and any and all combinations thereof. We embrace the unusual and original, and are interested in all heat levels. If it’s outside the box, feel free to send it.


First Realm Publishing

A new world of fiction..

First Realm Publishing is a royalty paying publishing company. Every story has a reader waiting for it and we strive to find those stories and authors and get them out there.

We believe in author input. First Realm Publishing believes without the author on their team there is no profit on either side. Aside from company promotion and individual author promotion we’ll work with a promotion company to get and keep FRP books out there to the readers.


Forbidden Publications

Forbidden Publications is a full service, royalty paying e-publishing company that offers a wide variety to its readers and authors. We offer both erotic and non-erotic selections for your reading pleasure. Our hope is that we can offer something of interest for everyone. We challenge our authors to go beyond the tried and true and create well-written stories with solid plots, well-developed settings and gripping characters that are fully realized. Authors are encouraged to stretch the limits. We want originality, and creativity is a must.


Freya’s Bower

Freya’s Bower is a non-subsidy publishing house. We are not a vanity press or self-publishing site. We publish erotica and romance. New writers as well as cross-genre experimental styles and short story collections are welcome.


Gypsy Shadow Publishing

Quality ebooks today… print books forever. We have a wide range of genres,international authors and books: poetry, short stories to novels. Our premiere author is Elizabeth Ann Scarborough and her latest novel along with more than a dozen of her back-listed books. Over 75 authors and 130 works online.


Hachette Book Group USA

Hachette Book Group USA is a leading US trade publisher headquartered in New York, and owned by Hachette Livre, the second largest publisher in the world. In addition to selling and distributing its own imprints, HBG distributes publishing lines for Chronicle Books, Microsoft Learning, Arcade, Time Inc. Home Entertainment, Harry N. Abrams, InnovativeKids, Phaidon Press, Filipacchi Publishing, Kensington, MQ Publications, Strictly By The Book, Weinstein Books and Gildan Media.


Hearts on Fire Books

Hearts on fire books is an epublisher that also has branched out into books on cds and some print on demand books. We are always accepting submissions and look forward to reading yours.


Highland Press

Cèud Mìle Fàilte – One hundred thousand welcomes to our website! I’m Leanne Burroughs, Highland Press Publishing’s CEO, and I’d like to welcome you to our site! We’re a growing family at Highland Press, all dedicated to giving our readers quality fiction. To that end, our goal is to bring our customers great books by outstanding writers! One of our foremost goals is to give our readers historical novels that contain actual history. We know the audience is out there for this type of book, and hope to bring this beloved format back to our readers. However, we don’t only produce historicals. We’re accepting submissions from every genre except erotica. In addition to our historicals, we’ve published numerous award winning anthologies, several young adult fantasies, our first non-fiction writer’s reference book, our first young adult inspirational and will soon release our first children’s illustrated book.


Horny Devil Publishing

Horny Devil Publishing™ is an Erotica E-Book Publishing company specializing in devilish Short-Stories. Our titles are hand-picked, based on the true quality content crafted to meet your needs. We feel adamant about giving talented authors a chance. Owned by writers, our main focus is to make our authors feel respected and our readers transported. We provide a variety of genres from mainstream Contemporary Romance to the breathtaking experience of BDSM, without omitting our reader’s dirty little secret fantasies in our Smutticarange. Horny Devil Publishing is composed of a close knit group of professionals who are constantly searching for the most enthralling stories sure to make your blood boil with relentless heat. What makes us unique is the fact that our authors are also our readers, enjoying the forbidden fruit of erotic fiction, as well as an exclusive range of Horny Devil Merchandise that will be available in 2013. Whatever your tastes, you can find them here at Horny Devil Publishing™.



Currently an ebook publisher, expanding to print in the future. Currently accepting admissions. All genres except porn. Soon to have books on CD/DVD and audio formats.



Indireads’ books bring alive the vibrancy and intensity of modern South Asian life and present it in digital friendly formats, inviting new generations to fall in love with what it means to be South Asian. Digital, handy and engaging, an Indireads book is the perfect companion for a quiet afternoon under a Peepal tree, for the early morning ride on the bus, for that long flight or for that relaxing moment at the end of a long, draining day.

Indireads is a place for you to call home, whether you enjoy telling stories or you hope to abandon yourself to a web of words spun by other story-tellers. Join us on a magical journey through the sub-continent, with writers whose prose echoes the people’s voices, whose imagery paints vivid, familiar landscapes and whose stories capture the very essence of being South Asian.



Inkspell Publishing

We are a new publishing company of romance, YA and fantasy fiction.

At Inkspell, our mission is to enchant our readers with spellbinding tales of lovers and magical worlds. Why you ask? Simply because we know there is nothing better than a good book to make the moment worthwhile! And we consider the author the star of this show. An author creates the magic through their words that allow us to enter those magical worlds. At Inkspell Publishing, we ensure that the author is given the right support to build the best story he/she can.You can find more details of author services at our website.

We are currently seeking romance and fantasy submissions across all sub-genres including YA with word count of minimum 20,000. We do not accept erotic.


J. Taylor Publishing

We’re here to publish great novels, and in turn, help authors build their brand. We’ll do this through extensive editing and quality control while simultaneously marketing and promoting sales before, during, and after release.



JMS Books LLC is a small press owned by J.M. Snyder, best-selling author of gay erotic romance. We publish gay, lesbian, & transgender fiction in many genres (including erotica, romance, & young adult), general fiction, nonfiction, & poetry.


Kellan Publishing LLC

Publishing the best new authors


Lady Leo Publishing

Lady Leo Publishing is an independent electronic/print publishing company. We publishing fiction in various genres across the spectrum from Erotica, Mystery/Suspense, Contemporary to Inspirational. We publish the stories you like to read in Confession, Short Stories, Novellas, and Novels format. Visit us to read a sample of what we have to offer.


Less Than Three Press

Less Than Three Press is a strong rising presence in the m/m romance community. Together with a network of highly talented editors, artists, and writers, LT3 provides quality fiction, priding itself on stories that put substance first.


Linden Bay Romance

Linden Bay Romance is a publishing company offering romance books in electronic formats. We may additionally opt under certain circumstances to also publish a book in trade paperback. Our catalogue contains short stories, novellas, and novels ranging in length from 25,000-70,000 words in all the usual romance sub-genres. We are a royalty paying publisher, with no fees paid by authors.


Liquid Silver Books

Liquid Silver Books has been turning good stories into great books for over 13 years. LSB offers a full line of romance genres in all heat levels from classic sweet to edgy intense. Readers worldwide have discovered Liquid Silver Books gives the idea of reading under the covers a whole new meaning! Sexy, Sultry, Sensuous . . . Liquid Silver is hot!



Logical-Lust publishes romance, erotic romance, and erotica — novels, novellas, anthologies, and author collections. The genres have many styles, many subjects, and many approaches by authors. Everyone’s tastes vary, and our selective search for quality is an attempt to cater for as many tastes as possible. We have a very selective approach to publishing. We will not churn out multiple releases month after month, rather we will concentrate on selecting and releasing high quality books.


Loose Id

At Loose Id, stories that:

  • Unleash love stories from traditional romance, fantasy, science fiction and genre formulas by crossing traditional genre lines. While we want a romance, the primary conflict need not be between hero(es) and heroine(s) though a strong relationship conflict creates terrific story potential.
  • Unchain love stories from ‘happily ever after’ endings by allowing the ‘happy for now’ ending. In the real world, relationships don’t always proceed quickly and conflicts don’t always resolve themselves neatly. Not everyone survives big, climactic battles. An ending can show the hero(es) and heroine(s) taking the next step toward ‘forever’; or show the primary romantic characters getting what they want, but at great personal cost, provided that it satisfies the reader. Or, an ending can be the traditional, wonderful, always beloved ‘happily ever after’.
  • Unfetter love stories from traditional run-of-the-mill romance hero(es) and heroine(s). We love our Alpha-dominant heroes, but don’t neglect your kick-ass Alpha heroines, gutsy gammas, and loyal betas. Everyone needs love in their lives: bring us multi-culturalism, alternative lifestyles and sexualities, big, beautiful heroines—make your characters real. No bland characters or Mary Sues need apply


Luminosity Publishing
Passionate About Erotic Romance
Shining a light on talented authors


Lyrical Press, Inc.

A full service publishing house, Lyrical Press, Inc. is actively seeking all genres. From tender romances to gothic paranormal horrors, we welcome all submissions except for young adult and poetry.


Midnight Magic Press

Midnight Magic Press is a small, independent eBook publisher that is looking for only the highest quality stories. We intend to offer our readers a great selection of romance, urban fantasy, and mysteries.

Midnight Magic Press is not a vanity publisher and our authors will never be charged for any of our services. By publication date, our eBooks will have received an ISBN number, professional editing, attractive cover art, and will be made available for sale through several online distributors. We are interested in seeing submissions from both new and established authors.


Melange Books, LLC

Melange is a royalty-paying company publishing in e-books (digital formats) and print books. We pay authors 35% net royalties on digital formats and 10% on print. We are actively seeking submissions for the genres listed below.

Melange Books, LLC, acquires for all of the following novel and novella genres:

Romance, sweet, sensual and erotic, westerns, science fiction, horror, contemporary, chic-lit, men’s fiction, women’s general fiction, action-adventure, speculative, drama, gay, lesbian, urban fantasy, paranormal, cross-genres, urban fantasy, young adult, mainstream fiction, and non-fiction. “Melange” is for every reader’s taste in literature.”


Medallion Press, Inc.

Every book Medallion produces is considered as a mini work of art. From concept to cover, it is nurtured each step of the way. Authors myself included, tend to think of their books as children. Medallion has many “children.” Our goal is to have you, the reader, find the treasure you expect in every one of our books. Our mission is to have every title you buy end up on your “keeper” shelf. Our greatest joy, and ultimate expectation, is not to have readers say “When is the next so-and-so author coming out?” But “When is the next Medallion book going to be on the shelves?”


Mocha Memoirs Press

Mocha Memoirs Press is an electronic publishing company. We’ve been involved in electronic publishing since 1999 when we published Mocha Memoirs Ezine of Fiction and Poetry. Our mission is to provide new flavors of fiction to the masses.


Moongypsy Press

Welcome to Moongypsy Press, where you will discover artists who will bring you into vistas of exquisite imagination. Come and be absorbed, enthralled, and enraptured!


Mundania Press

Mundania Press selects books based on the quality of writing, story entertainment value, and sales potential. We are open to first-time authors, as well as authors who have been previously published and want to put their books back into print.


MuseItUp Publishing, Inc.
MuseItUp Publishing, Inc. is a Canadian electronic and print publisher with three imprints: MuseItYoung for our tweens aged 10-14, MuseItUp-our mainstream division, and MuseItHOT-our erotic/erotica division. Our talented authors from around the world offer you tween books to keep our youngsters motivated and interested in reading, ‘on the edge of your seat’ suspense/mystery/thrillers, romance in all genres to suit every taste, worlds to discover in sci-fi, travel back in time with our historical fiction, dark fiction that may question your sanity, hot and steamy for those cool nights to keep you sizzling, and more. We accept stories from 3k words and up.

Our motto is: Building the team to achieve the dream! because we understand it takes an open-policy house believing in their authors and incorporating them into house decisions that will help to build all of our dreams together. Our commitment to our authors and our customer service to our readers is 100%.


Naked Reader Press
Where there’s nothing between you and the story! We’re determined to bring you the best in e-books and to make them available to as many readers as possible. Because of this, Naked Reader Press is a DRM-free zone.


Naughty Nights Press
Erotica has changed its beat. It’s now blazing hot, more stimulating and a whole lot more provocative than ever before!

Naughty Nights Press (NNP) is the “Next Generation” Of Erotic, Paranormal and Contemporary Romance E-Publishing, specializing in bringing our readers the intoxicating world of steamy erotica and the pleasures of the paranormal.

We publish scandalously daring, virtually dangerous erotic ebooks and short story anthologies of the next generation of authors.

Naughty Nights Press is where readers will find the scorching adventures they are looking for, written by authors who are not afraid to push the limits of erotica. Our writers create ebooks that will take readers to that edge of intensity they crave, without crossing the line.

If you write hot & steamy erotic, paranormal or contemporary romance and you are interested in having us take a look at your work, please feel free to browse our submissions calls.


Night to Dawn Books
Horror, science fiction, paranormal, dark fantasy (good versus evil in all cases)


Noble Romance Publishing

Noble Romance Publishing is a royalty-paying, full-service e-publisher of superior quality, cutting-edge erotic romance. We challenge our authors to take risks, to push the sexual envelope while still maintaining their story’s romantic integrity, the combination of which is guaranteed to satisfy even the most discerning erotic romance reader.


Omnific Publishing

Omnific Publishing launched in January 2010 and is an independent publisher, specializing in romance titles, inclusive of all sub-genres. We currently have 10 titles in our catalog with plans of releasing 10 more before the end of the year.


Penumbra Publishing

A new small independent publisher offering trade paperback and electronic fiction in a variety of genres. Our books are available through popular online retailers and can also be ordered and stocked by most bookstores.


Prism Book Group

Prism Book Group originally opened as a small e-book publisher in the Fall 2011 under the name Inspired Romance Novels. After a great first year publishing sweet and inspirational romance, Inspired Romance Novels became Prism Book Group. Prism accepts sweet/clean romance, inspirational/Christian romance, and inspirational fiction.

Prism Book Group is an independent publisher that pays royalties and does not charge fees to authors.


Purple Sword

Purple Sword Publications is a small, quiet publisher of speculative fiction blended with romance in varying heat levels. We invite you to browse through our books and escape to new worlds. Our goal is to maintain a select list of talented authors who deliver page turning tales of love beyond the imagination.


Rebel Ink Press
Rebel Ink Press is a royalty paying, full service e-publisher of cutting edge romance novels. RIP charges NO fees of any kind to authors for publishing services to include editing and proofreading, cover art design and production, and set-up fees. We publish, promote and pay our authors. RIP IS NOT A VANITY PUBLISHER.

Rebel Ink Press believes in quality. The one thing RIP staffers dislike the most is plot less, weakly charactered, poorly edited books. For that reason, we have pledged to publish only the best works of romance that cross ours desks with a total commitment to quality. Extensive review, professional proofreading and editing, and quality cover art are just a few of the steps we take to produce professional quality reads. RIP spends time with our authors and provides support and direction in an effort to produce the authors best work of art possible.

get serious about romance…


Red Rose Publishing

Red Rose™ Publishing is a full service, royalty paying publisher. Authors pay no fees for covers or editing. Red Rose™ Publishing welcomes all genres of romance at all times.


Red Sage Publishing

We publish BDSM, Sci-Fi, Futuristic, Paranormal, Fantasy, Romantic Comedy, Suspense, and so much more!

Red Sage’s authors were the first to create erotic romance. The very first authors of erotic romance are Bonnie Hamre, Alice Gains, Jeanie LeGendre and Ivy Landon.

Secrets Volume 1 is still in print to this day, as are all the other Secrets volumes released since then. The staying power of these anthologies is a testament to their quality.

We have Rita nominated authors, New York Times listed authors, Golden Hearts winners and erotic novel of the year authors, US Today listed authors. Another words some of the best authors in romance. Secrets Volume 2 won the Independent Publishers Follett Literary award for fiction. The Forever Kiss by Angela Knight won Romantic Times Erotic Novel of the year!

Our authors include some of the most recognized names in romance. Red Sage first published Angela Knight, Mary Janice Davidson, Susan Kearney, Emma Holly, Liz Maverick and many others. We are known for our author’s quality in writing wonderful imaginative characters and deeply emotional erotic stories.

Red Sage is the leader in erotic romance. We publish in print and eBook. Come and see if we know your secrets!


Republica Press
Republica Press is a full service, royalty paying, author centric e-publisher who is committed to bringing justice to the world by way of publishing daring erotic stories that would otherwise be rejected by the mainstream publishers.

Although we prefer dark, edgy erotica, we do accept light, romantic stories. All work should include an engaging plot, interesting characters and graphic sex. Previously published work may be submitted as long as the author holds the copyright.


Resplendence Publishing

We are a publishing company specializing in romantic fiction, both in e-book and print formats. We consider ourselves to be the first “Boutique” Publisher with a quality over quantity approach. Within the “Boutique Publishing Experience” we have one key focus: quality. In our view, quality authors, quality working relationships, and quality books lead to satisfied readers. As long-time romance fans, we know that satisfied readers will keep coming back for more, and satisfied authors will be there to provide the stories our readers want.


Reuts Publications
Reuts Publications aims to provide readers with an escape through a collection of select novels spanning many genres, including Paranormal, Fantasy, Science Fiction and Romance.


Rimal Publications

Our philosophy at Rimal Publications is to continue to make our mark through books which are inspired by individuality and fueled by the need to build bridges between cultures. We are an independent publishing house based in Cyprus, specializing in history, art, culture, travel and children books, that introduce readers to the unique cultural richness of the Middle East and the countries of the Eastern Mediterranean.


Riptide Publishing

Riptide Publishing is a boutique purveyor of some of the finest gay and trans* fiction, romance, and erotica available today. Created by experienced M/M authors, we supply superior editing, marketing support, and royalty rates, Riptide Publishing seeks to fill a critical niche in the GLBTQ market: quality books, pristinely packaged, that will satisfy readers’ desires for rich, plotty, well-edited stories.

Though we are an invitation-only press, we do have a number of open submission calls.


Roane Publishing

Roane Publishing is an independent publisher of quality romance, fantasy, and erotic romance. While a relatively new “indie” publishing company, the staff at Roane have been working in the publishing business for over seven years.

At Roane Publishing, we truly understand without authors, there would be no publishers, and we’ve made it our mission to form strong partnerships with the writers who choose to trust us with their “babies”. Many of us are authors ourselves. We get it and we want to help you get your stories out there.

Roane Publishing provides competitive royalty rates (50%), professional editing, and eye-catching covers. We work closely with our authors, as well as with readers, reviewers, and bloggers to ensure a strong promotional and marketing presence for all of RP’s releases. We do expect our authors to contribute to their own marketing and to maintain an active online presence. Roane is an e-publisher, after all.


Rogue Phoenix Press
Rogue Phoenix Press is a new publisher dedicated to excellence in publishing. We publish Romance, Sci/Fi, Historical Fiction, Mystery, and Young Adult (not necessarily romances).


Rooster & Pig Publishing, Inc
Where Fluff Meets Rough

We publish everything from romance to horror, Children & YA (under our Chick & Piglet Line), NA, Adult, Nonfiction, Poetry, etc. and everything in between. From the fluffiest of the fluff to the roughest of the rough.


Samhain Publishing, Ltd.

Pronounced sah-vin by the Scots, sow-in (sow like cow) by the Irish and sam-hine in English, Samhain is the Irish word for November and in November 2005 saw the opening of Samhain Publishing, Ltd. Founded with a goal of bringing to compulsive readers books that allow them to discover new worlds and be taken on adventures through the creative minds of today’s brightest authors.


Sapphire Blue Publishing
Sapphire Blue is open to submission of all varieties of mainstream fiction for the most popular genres (not limited to) including Mystery, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Suspense, Gay, Lesbian, Historical, Paranormal, Chick Lit, Inspirational/Religious, Horror/Thrillers, Young Adult, Romance (including ALL subgenres), and Non Fiction. If you have book hidden under your bed, dust it off and send it in. If you’re a new author and want to break out in the industry, send in your manuscript. If you’re an author already published in the industry and looking for a new publisher that supports their authors, send us your manuscript. We would love to hear from you.


Savant Books and Publications

Significant books and enduring media for the 21st century. Non-fiction and fiction showcasing the best of well-established and first-time authors. Fee-free, royalty paying, up-and-coming, full-service small press. Join William Maltese, Tony Tame, R. Page Kaufman, Daniel S. Janik and a constantly growing list of authors. Wide selection of genre interests including mainstream romance.


Shadowfire Press

Shadowfire Press publishes both erotic and non-erotic ebooks in all major genres except Inspirational, Young Adult and non-fiction. Founded by Michael Barnette and Tracy Boyall, we have both new and established authors writing for us, as well as some very talented artists. Step into the Shadows… set your imagination on Fire with great books from Shadowfire Press.


Silver Publishing

SP accepts both homosexual and heterosexual erotic romance. Although accepted works do not need to contain graphic sex scenes, a sexual relationship between two or more characters must be integral to the storyline. We also welcome stories which are unexpected, surprising, dark, controversial, and cross-genre. We accept both stand-alone and well-developed series.


Steam Heat Erotica

Steam Heat Erotica, need we say more? Steam Heat is our erotica fiction line of the publishing company. These erotic romance titles are for discriminating adults that desire a higher level of sexual tension. These books are erotic, not pornographic.


Steam (imprint of Kennebec Publishing, LLC)

We are an independent publishing house specializing in romantic fiction and erotica. We are lean and mean and ready to take on anything that gets the pulse and mind racing. As an independent publisher, we can be more flexible and work more quickly than some of the larger publishing firms. We like books that: break out of the traditional romantic fiction mold (not every woman out there is a damsel in distress!), are fun and edgy and make our readers blush, bring out the inner romantic that exists in all of us, and leave our readers wanting more… and more… and more!


Storm Moon Press

We are a small GLBT press specializing in erotica and erotic romance titles. We are small and intend to stay small, which means it’s all about quality instead of quantity. We are dedicated to putting out quality products that readers enjoy! (Wild Moon Books is Storm Moon Press’ mainstream M/F counterpart, also dedicated to quality publications.)


Swimming Kangaroo Books

Our preferences of stories are for mysteries, science fiction, fantasies, romance (either Soft & Sensual or Hot & Sizzling). We do not want to see westerns, new age, picture books, or religious books (unless from the skeptical point of view).


Syn Publishing, LLC
Syn Publishing is a full service ePublisher, publishing most genres of fiction. Our Romance and Erotica sections offer a full range of heat levels.

Syn offers ISBN assignment, retail distribution, cover design, line and copy editing. We offer the highest royalty split in the business and we market for and with our authors.


TCK Publishing

TCK Publishing is an international publisher specializing in mass market trade book publishing. We publish fiction and non-fiction eBooks, print books and audiobooks in almost all genres and niches.

Our mission is to help our clients earn a full-time income from royalties. We do this by creating a comprehensive publishing and marketing strategy unique to each book and each author.

We’re nothing like the Big Six publishing companies, although we do compete with them.


Taliesin Publishing
Taliesin Publishing seeks the finest in fiction to present in eBook and print formats. Modern era romance, romantic fiction, science fiction, thrillers, horror, fantasy, M/M romance, urban fantasy, historical, and young adult—any great story that carries a romantic thread. While romance is a part of our hearts, at the end of the day, our main priority is bringing a great story to light and sharing it with people who are as crazy about books as we are.


Tease Publishing, LLC

Authors involved with Tease Publishing are dedicated to their work and their careers, using all avenues available to them to promote and sell their work. They are the elite few that have proven they have what it takes to succeed in this industry, but have not had the good fortune to be noticed by a major New York house. Tease will be focusing on print publications of novels and anthologies, spanning the romance genre from sweet romance to horrotica, and everything else in between. Tease novels and stories push boundaries; open new worlds and make the reader fall in love.


Tell-Tale Publishing

Founded in 2009, we’ve been known to dream of warm weather gardens and late night tales in the midst of a mid-west blizzard. But we can also conjure story plots while floating on our back in a heated pool on Christmas Eve, inspired by holiday stars and mountain shadows. The staff at TT have diverse backgrounds, geographic locations and expertise. Our tastes are eclectic but refined, subject to mood, fancy or suggestion.

The Tell-Tale Publishing Group was founded in Michigan’s Lower Peninsula. Our company motto of “excellence in creative entertainment, ” informs our artwork, writing and publishing.


Tirgearr Publishing
Tirgearr Publishing is a digital-first publishing company specializing in adult commercial genre and cross-genre fiction. Our goal is to publish high quality fiction on a worldwide market. Authors work with professional editors and cover designers to polish their work. We offer comprehensive advice on promotion and marketing, as well as establishing an internet presence for debut authors.
Submissions are open most of the year unless otherwise stated on our website. If submitting for the City Nights series, please be sure to read both the standard submission guidelines and the City Nights guidelines.

We are actively seeking well-written and well-presented books from authors who are serious about seeing their work professionally published and who have an active marketing plan. All themes must be suitable for 18+ readers.

Always query if anything is unclear in the submission guidelines.

Submissions | City Night Series Submissions

The Dark Castle Lords (Now DCL Publications, LLC.)

DCL Gold Crown Series – We are accepting well-written stories with solid plots, well-developed settings, and characters that are fully developed. Your submitted story should fit into a specific genre and heat level; however, some crossover of genres is allowable and your story must be themed around a castle, manor house or mansion.


The Wild Rose Press

The Wild Rose Press is an electronic and print publisher of romance. Our titles span the sub-genre spectrum from sweet to sensually erotic and are available in all lengths, including short story, category, and single title. If you’re looking for a new voice in the world of romance or an old favorite, you’ll find them here at The Wild Rose Press.


The Writing Lady Publications, LLC

The mission is to get books into the hands of kids, teachers and parents; and our authors more exposure and money-period. A sideline and also main purpose is to raise funds for literacy. We publish young-adult and middle-reader chapter books. What do young adultt readers want? All genres except erotica and horror. Tough subjects are not to be avoided. Non-fiction and How-To books also considered.. Ask yourself, if my book were a movie, would it be rated PG-13 or less? Please see for more discussion. We are also seeking Spanish language manuscripts.


Time Travel Publishing

We publish time travel or all kinds including time travel romance. We are open for submissions so if you write time travel, we’d love to see your completed manuscript.


Total-E-Bound Publishing
Total-E-Bound Publishing is Europe’s leading eBook publisher of erotic romance fiction, offering “pure unadulterated escapism” for today’s modern reader.

Working with some of the hottest erotic romance authors in the world — both well-loved big names and exciting, new voices — Total-E-Bound publishes six smoking-hot titles every week, available in all eBook formats and also release print and audio.

The hottest romance books, from the coolest romane publisher.


Torquere Press
Torquere Press Inc. started as a labor of love for two romance writers and readers, Shawn Clements and Lorna Hinson. In business since September of 2003, Torquere began as a general partnership, and incorporated in early 2007.

While many publishers out there in 2003 were putting out e-books, very few were publishing gay and lesbian romance. The mission of Torquere Press was, and is, to provide readers who love a good story with great books, and to promote gay and lesbian romance as a genre to be reckoned with. Please visit us on the web for great stories and hot GLBT Romance, as well as wonderful writing opportunities.


Turquoise Morning Press

Because every good beach deserves a book


Untreed Reads Publishing

We are excited about exceptional prose, so bring us your well-crafted story. And if you’ve found that a work you’ve written doesn’t fit into a specific genre, we’re looking for you as well. We publish both fiction and non-fiction in any length.


Uncial Press

Uncial Press publishes extraordinary fiction, non-fiction and poetry, in most electronic formats. Our submissions are always open, but we’re very choosy about what we accept. We want well-written stories (5,000 words and up) in all fiction genres except erotica, horror and inspirational (although we have made exceptions in the latter two genres for unusual stories). In non-fiction. we prefer lighter topics.


Whiskey Creek Press

Whiskey Creek Press is a royalty-paying traditional publisher of fiction and non-fiction by outstanding, award-winning authors. We published our first titles in March, 2003 and we have grown to include a catalog of over 600 titles representing about 250 authors. We publish in ebook and traditional trade paperback formats, and maintain two retail websites.


Whiskey Creek Press Torrid

Whiskey Creek Press is a royalty-paying traditional publisher of fiction and non-fiction by outstanding, award-winning authors. We published our first titles in March, 2003 and we have grown to include a catalog of over 600 titles representing about 250 authors. We publish in ebook and traditional trade paperback formats, and maintain two retail websites.


Whispers Publishing

What we’re looking for: Spicy, sensual love stories which leave a reader breathless, intense plots, alpha males, strong heroines and sizzling dialogue.


Wicked Nights

We are a publisher of erotic romance, Romance, horror and more. We love anything different and fun. Stop by for something Wicked to read today.


Wicked Women of Color

Our mission is to create an exclusive group of talented IR/MC erotica and romance authors, and provide them with a publishing home. Wicked Women Press caters to the wild, the sexy, the fierce of storytelling, and we take great pride and joy in being able to offer the fans of the IR/MC genre high quality prose.

Submissions: By invitation only

Wild Horse Press
Sometimes a rose is just a rose… Wild Horse Press accepts both Romance and Erotic Romance stories.


Wild Moon Books

We are an imprint of Storm Moon Press specializing in mainstream erotic romances and erotica. It’s our goal to produce high quality books with wonderful plots and engaging characters but with mainstream heterosexual couples as the primary focus.


Wings ePress

In a time when many publishers are suffering the effects of a rocky inaugural period in epublishing, the founders of WINGS ePRESS, Inc. decided there was still plenty of room for an honest, nourishing community where writers could feel confident and respected. Brought together by a mutual love of quality fiction, this unique group of experienced editors, artists, managers and technicians bring many exciting talents to the WPI table. WPI opened its cyber doors at , with offerings in General Fiction and all genres of Romantic fiction. Books will be available as downloads in popular ebook formats, along with quality trade paperback editions. In addition to publishing a catalog of excellent fiction, WPI plans to put into place an entire writer’s community where authors can work directly with editors while honing their craft, exchange ideas, share in promotional and educational opportunities and grow as professionals.


Xcite Books
Xcite Books is an award-winning erotic publisher based in the UK. Our authors come from across the globe and so we offer a wide selection of ebook and audio downloads with a truely international flavour.


XOXO Publishing

Basic Idea/theme/Moto behind your company so that someone who does not know about you can learn what they need in order to visit your site: XOXO Publishing Inc. specializes in adult fiction: romance and erotica books and e-books. XOXO Publishing™ a royalty paying publisher is excited to be working with both first release and long established authors, in our mission to let the reader explore a private place for reading pleasure, where they will be transported to a world of infinite possibilities. We offer our books in various electronic fomats, CDs, paperback, audio, Braille, and in many different languages.


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