I’m a USA Today bestselling author of erotic romance with over 150+ stories (that number will hopefully keep changing). I write anything that I love. MC, New Adult, wolves, suspense, lawless, pretty much whatever I like, I write.

What a journey this has been! I can’t even believe this is happening. I’ve been writing all my life but I only really started to take it seriously in 2009. It was not an easy journey. Rejection, after rejection. Then one day, it all changed and for nearly 6 years now, I’ve been writing full-time! I can’t even believe I’m saying that, I know, it’s crazy.

Ape was a typical man so sure he would never need a woman. I loved Charlotte because though she had feelings for Ape, she would never ask to go with him nor would she ask him to stay. Both are strong characters who were so sure they had all the answers until they realized there were a few questions neither thought to ask. I loved the characters and will look for the other books to see what happens with the rest of the nomads.

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