Satan’s Beast MC: Nomad Chapter

  • Book 1: The Bikers Virgin
  • Book 2:  The Biker’s Needs

Satan’s Beast MC: Nomad Chapter Book 2
ISBN: 9780369502834
January 2021
Evernight Publishing
51 Pages
Erotic, MC
Rating: 5 Cups

Ape is a nomad and has no desire to settle down. He also does not think women belong on the road. He knows women always leave and will never give one a chance to stick around. Until Charlotte, who leaves him questioning everything he believes.

Charlotte thinks men are scum who cannot be faithful to one woman, because of a guy in her past.  When she meets Ape she sees him as a really hot one night stand.  When Ape leaves town she knows he took her heart with him, but his departure spurs her to pack up and leave town as she has always wanted.  She is a wanderer even if she has to wander alone or will she?

When Ape met Charlotte, he thought she would be just another woman, until the day he realizes he cannot live without her. When he discovers she has left town, will he chase her down or let her go?

Ape was a typical man so sure he would never need a woman. I loved Charlotte because though she had feelings for Ape, she would never ask to go with him nor would she ask him to stay. Both are strong characters who were so sure they had all the answers until they realized there were a few questions neither thought to ask. I loved the characters and will look for the other books to see what happens with the rest of the nomads

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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