How Not To Series:

  • Book 1: How Not to Date an Alien
  • Book 2: How Not to Date a Fae
  • Book 3: How Not to Date a Skunk
  • Book 4: How Not to Date a Vamp
  • Book 5: How Not to Date a Bear
  • Book 6: How Not to Date a Human
  • Book 7: How Not to Date a Centaur
  • Book 8: How Not to Date a Changeling
  • Book 9: How Not to Date a Bear Too
  • Book 10: How Not to Date a Tentacle Monster

How Not to Book 10
ASIN #: B0881Z1FT6
May 2020
Changeling Press
58 Pages
Paranormal Erotic Romance/LGBT/Sci-Fi
Rating: 3 Cups

Lio is a young intersex man in search of love. He is not easily surprised or shocked.

Peter is a young man from another planet. He is very handsome and is looking for someone to accept him as he is and not exploit him and his extras.

Lio likes and is very attracted to Peter. He is taking things slowly, since Peter is not as experienced as himself. There is definitely much more to Peter than meets the eye.

I was a little surprised by this book. The premise leads the reader to expect a bizarre encounter between these two men, but the story is really more about the beginning of a relationship and how the two men get to know each other. The author manages to pack a lot of details and background into a relatively short story. Their lovemaking is totally unique and erotic.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance and More



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