How Not To

Book 1: How Not to Date an Alien
Book 2: How Not to Date a Fae
Book 3: How Not to Date a Skunk
Book 4: How Not to Date a Vamp
Book 5: How Not to Date a Bear
Book 6: How Not to Date a Human
Book 7: How Not to Date a Centaur
Book 8: How Not to Date a Changeling
Book 9: How Not to Date a Tentacle Monster

How Not To, Book 3
BIN: 05237-01676
July 2020
Changeling Press
49 Pages
Erotic Romance, Paranormal, Interracial, Multicultural
Rating: 5 Cups

Bilana is in the North Dakota desert documenting the native culture when she stumbles into an ancient rite and sees the unbelievable happen right before her eyes.  When she discovers her mistake, she goes to apologize and finds her life forever changed.

Chaska is participating in an ancient custom to find his mate. When Bilana appears he knows he must claim her to keep her safe. What he does not count on is the sexy woman is perfect for him and fate got it right.

Chaska saves Bilana from a younger warrior, but he must also make sure his mate understands the reality of shifter life in the modern world. When the past comes to threaten their future, Bilana and Chaska must fight to be together. Will they be strong enough to overcome and become one?

When I initially began to read the story of Chaska and Bilana I was unsure if it was in the present or the past. The writing of Ms. Burke is superb and provides a wonderful story which shows the research she did on native culture. The blending of centuries old ceremonies with present day reality is handled very well.  I found the story to be an example that true love can be found in a moment and last a lifetime. I highly recommend Bilana and Chaska’s story as it is beautiful and thrilling to read.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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