How Not To

Book 1: How Not to Date an Alien
Book 2: How Not to Date a Fae
Book 3: How Not to Date a Skunk
Book 4: How Not to Date a Vamp
Book 5: How Not to Date a Bear
Book 6: How Not to Date a Human
Book 7: How Not to Date a Centaur
Book 8: How Not to Date a Changeling
Book 9: How Not to Date a Tentacle Monster

How Not To, Book 6
August 2020
Changeling Press LLC
100 Pages
Paranormal, Multi-cultural, Interracial, Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Spooky Love is living the life with a man she could see herself with forever. Little did she know but her man had a little secret.  Well really it was a big secret and now I am in a shifter support group.  How does one night of oral sex lead to alien infection she has no idea, but she is on a roller coaster she is unsure if she wants to get off of or hang on for the ride of her life.

McCabe’s plans with the woman he loves went sideways and necessitated a trip to crazyville with the hope that the woman he adores does not leave him.  He was infected in the virus as a teenager and never wanted Spooky to find out but the condom broke and here we are.  He prays she does not leave him over this but odds are not looking to be in my favor.

Spooky is shocked and McCabe is freaking out.  Can Spooky accept what cannot be changed or leave the man she loves behind?  I mean he only has a few extra body parts, there are worse things, right?  McCabe wanted to spend his life with Spooky but now he is not sure if she wants to spend it with him or run for the hills.  If all of the pressure on Spooky and McCabe was not enough they both have to worry whether she can control her shifting and if her jerk of a boss sees her it means certain death but Spooky will not let her situation from getting to work. Will her stubbornness mean death for her and leave McCabe alone?

I loved the name of the heroine in this story; Spooky Love is so unique and catches the eye.  With a name like that she fits right in with her shifter support group.  I loved the whole story line and the unusual shifter abilities of the characters is so outrageously funny I laughed out loud.  Stephanie Burke is an amazing writer with the talent to take her characters through a sharp turn into what the heck town.  I highly recommend the writing of Stephanie Burke and How Not to Date a Human.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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