Daddy Series

  • Book 1: My Own Daddy
  • Book 2: Daddy’s Litlle Princess
  • Book 3: Daddy’s Rapture
  • Book 4: Daddy’s Little Angel
  • Book 5: Daddy’s Little Camper
  • Book 6: Daddy’s Little Obsession
  • Book 7: Daddy’s Naughty Little Girl
  • Book 8: Daddy’s Little Star
  • Book 9: Daddy’s Little Assistant
  • Book 10: Daddy’s Little Heiress
  • Book 11: Daddy’s Little Runaway
  • Book 12: Daddy’s Little Liar
  • Book 13: Daddy’s Little Warrior
  • Book 14: Daddy’s Little Hellion
  • Book 15: Daddy’s Little Sweetheart
  • Book 16: Daddy’s Little Chica
  • Book 17: Daddy’s Little Librarian
  • Book 18: Daddy’s Little Hacker
  • Book 19: Daddy’s Little Miracle
  • Book 20: Daddy’s Little Secret
  • Book 21: Daddy’s Little Promise
  • Book 22: Daddy’s Little Prize
  • Book 23: Daddy’s Little Nurse
  • Book 24: Daddy’s Little Bird

Daddy Series, Book 21
ISBN: 97803695062900
June 2022
Evernight Publishing
94 Pages
Erotic, Contemporary
Rating: 5 Cups

Grey starts out doing a favor for a friend, and in the process saved a woman who is being kept as a slave. He could never have imagined he would find a little named Emily.

Emily believed she would never be free. She is broke and empty. When another bad man shows up, she realizes this one is different and may be the answer to her prayers.

Grey gets Emily out of the nightmare she was living in but he is unsure if she can move past the pain. He seeks help for a safe environment for his little, but are the forces who seek to tear them apart closer than he thinks?

I found the story of Emily and Grey sweet. I liked the characters from the start. The author humanized them to the reader and pulled me in from the first word. I highly recommend the love in this age gap love story.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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