Daddy Series

  • Book 1: My Own Daddy
  • Book 2: Daddy’s Little Princess
  • Book 3: Daddy’s Rapture
  • Book 4: Daddy’s Little Angel
  • Book 5: Daddy’s Little Camper
  • Book 6: Daddy’s Little Obsession
  • Book 7: Daddy’s Naughty Little Girl
  • Book 8: Daddy’s Little Star
  • Book 9: Daddy’s Little Assistant
  • Book 10: Daddy’s Little Heiress
  • Book 11: Daddy’s Little Runaway
  • Book 12: Daddy’s Little Liar
  • Book 13: Daddy’s Little Warrior
  • Book 14: Daddy’s Little Hellion

Daddy Series, Book 13
ISBN: 9780369504184
September 2021
Evernight Publishing
88 Pages
Erotic, Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Drake lost everything, and has spent a year attempting to learn how to control his anger and create a new normal in the world. When a ghost walks back into his life, he will go to any length to hold on and never let go.

Aisha’s whole world exploded, which cost her the brother she raised and the man she loved. She had nothing left and only wanted to die. When her guardian angels walked into her world, they brought her hope and a reason to live on.

Aisha is completely happy until Drake begins to pull away, and then the disappointment he told someone while on the phone drives Aisha away. Can Drake find Aisha before it is to late, or will he lose the only one he is living for?

Aisha story was interesting as the woman was from a whole other world and she must learn to adapt. I thought Drake was a strong military character and a perfect example of the true heroes who come back and relive the nightmares they endured. The love story is wonderful and the connection between all the characters is rare but beautiful to read.

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