Daddy Series

  • Book 1: My Own Daddy
  • Book 2: Daddy’s Little Princess
  • Book 3: Daddy’s Rapture
  • Book 4: Daddy’s Little Angel
  • Book 5: Daddy’s Little Camper
  • Book 6: Daddy’s Little Obsession
  • Book 7: Daddy’s Naughty Little Girl
  • Book 8: Daddy’s Little Star
  • Book 9: Daddy’s Little Assistant
  • Book 10: Daddy’s Little Heiress
  • Book 11: Daddy’s Little Runaway
  • Book 12: Daddy’s Little Liar
  • Book 13: Daddy’s Little Warrior
  • Book 14: Daddy’s Little Hellion

Daddy Series, Book 9
June 2021
Evernight Publishing
130 Pages
Erotic, Contemporary
Rating: 5 Cups

Kinley has led a sheltered life, and with the death of her parents, she attends a private college. Once she finishes school, she moves in with her cousin who offers her the safety she needs and a place to work where she is content. True happiness comes when she meets Eli who she believes could be the daddy a little needs.

Eli is making a much needed change in his life. When he is injured and his partner is killed, he is lost. He also needs to get away from his partner’s widow, as all she sees when she looks at him is dollar signs and she is a barracuda he wants nothing to do with. He has no idea that a decision to become a partner in a security company would help him find more from the moment he steps foot in the company for the first time.

Eli has always wanted a little, but the precious ones are hard to find, until a woman drops everything on the floor and all he wants to do is pick her up. Can Eli guide Kinley into their future or will the past destroy the trust they have?

I started out the story unsure of the subject matter, but by the end I found the relationship between Kinley and Eli to be special.  I traditionally go for stories of strong women and was excited to find the strength in Kinley and the relationship she has with Eli. The love shines from the start and the two are perfect for each other. The writing is amazing and the characters are so vivid as to leave me wanting to read about the other including Eli’s family. I love Daddy’s Little Assistant, and I am a new fan of the Daddy Series.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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