Sons of Outlaws Book 5
ISBN# 9781773393001
June 2017
Evernight Publishing
66 Pages
Futuristic, Gay, Erotic, Interracial, Sci-Fi, MC Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Elric is one of the last of the Outlaws MC left on Mars. Before he can get on board one of the last ships heading for Earth, he is attacked by someone he thought was a friend and severely injured. This prevents him from making it on one of the ships heading for their new home. He is devastated and worried because he knows some of their enemies made it on the last of the ships and they are gunning for one of his Outlaw MC brothers.

Max is a mechanic who can fix just about anything, including a spaceship. However, he also has a very big problem – he is terrified of flying. Because of this, he has opted to stay behind and die on Mars.

When Elric finally wakes up after his beating, he sees the most beautiful sight of all, a beautiful man looking down at him. Unfortunately, he discovers the final ships have left, and he and Max are the last two men alive on Mars. But maybe he will not die a virgin after all because damn, Max is fine. Still, Elric knows their chances are slim, they have to try and find a way to warn his MC brothers of the traitors on the ships heading for Earth, and they also have to find a way to get off Mars. Will Elric and Max be able to fix a broken spaceship and get it space worthy, as well as, figure out how to warn Earth in time?

I truly enjoyed All That Shatters. Elric and Max are the perfect couple, and Elric is a really humorous character. Plus the idea of a spaceship mechanic who is afraid to fly just cracked me up. There is plenty of action both outside and inside the ship to keep readers turning the pages. The love scenes are hot, hot, hot and made this reader turn on the fan! If you love scifi stories with some hot m/m action then you do not want to miss All That Shatters!

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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