Sons of Outlaws, Book 3
ISBN# 9781773391496
January 2017
Evernight Publishing
86 Pages
Futuristic, Gay, Erotic, May/December, Sci-Fi, MC Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Welliver is an Outlaw MC member, but he is also a scientist, so when some of his family and others realize they must get off of Mars in a hurry and find a new home for themselves and the others they left behind, he is on board.

Beast has been alone on a savage, unpopulated Earth for much of his life. He is far from civilized, and while he understands English, he rarely speaks, and usually only in very short sentences.

As soon as Welliver and his friends and family land on Earth they run into problems. The ship needs to be repaired and there are giant, land dwelling octopuses that do not like humans very much. When some of these creatures attack their camp, and their protection falls, one of them manages to get a hold of Welliver and he is sure this is it. That is, until he is saved by a wild man. Imagine his surprise when this man manages to kill the beast that is trying to kill Welliver. Even better, the beast wants him, and Welliver finally has a chance to get laid. Too bad, there are more of these creatures. Now not only do Welliver and his family and friends have to figure out how to keep out the monsters, but they have to figure out how to contact Mars since their communications system does not seem to be working. Will they be able to save their friends and family back on Mars, repair their ship so they can go back for more people? Will Welliver be able to help Beast recover his past including his true name? And can their growing affection for each other survive the many pitfalls heading their way?

I love science fiction, and I love gay romance, and when Mr. Cox puts those two things together, I am one happy girl! This story is fun, and sexy. The world building is original, and I loved how the octopuses evolved into man eating creatures. I also found the idea of having to repopulate Earth because Mars was dying an extraordinary one. Generally, in these types of stories, humans are going to Mars, and leaving Earth, not the other way around so it made for an interesting story. If you love a little man love with your science fiction then I highly recommend Suck the Savage Beast by Mr. Cox!

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

Sons of Outlaws

Book 1:  Sons of Earth
Book 2: Dom of Peculiar Places
Book 3: Suck the Savage Beast

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