Sons of Outlaws, Book 4
James Cox
ISBN# 9781772332387
April 2017
Evernight Publishing
69 Pages
Futuristic, Gay, Erotic, Interracial, Sci-Fi, MC Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Helrick “Hel” loves his fathers, but hates the restrictions that being the President’s son entails. Tired of being stuck in buildings all the time and not able to a hang with his MC buddies, he instead screws every bodyguard his fathers assigns to him. But Sin is different and Hel is about to find that out the hard way.

Sin has no intention of being another notch on Hel’s bed post. He respects the President and his husband and has every intention of protecting Hel with his very life.

When Hel gets tired of just one more bodyguard, one who refuses to allow himself to be seduced, and even his MC buddies want him to stay inside where it is safe, he decides to slip away. Fortunately, for him, Sin actually takes his bodyguard duties seriously because when assassins come calling, he may be the only thing standing between Hel and certain death. Of course, in between killing bad guys and getting to know each other, Sin discovers Hel is more than just a horny young man, that Hel is actually someone he can care about. Will they survive multiple assassination attempts so they can discover if they actually have something worth keeping?

You gotta love Mr. Cox’s sense of humor with the this title, that alone made me want to read the book, but when you add a good story line to it, and some sexy fun, well that just makes this book a keeper! It was fun to read about what was happening on Mars while the characters in Book 3 were on Earth. The writing style is fun and engaging, and the world building well done. If you love science fiction, and unique and interesting story lines, (and if you love it when authors let their sense of humor loose) you should check out The Dick Defender! It is awesome!

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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Book 2: Dom of Peculiar Places
Book 3: Suck the Savage Beast

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