Tory is a fun-loving grandma who likes to read and write smut. She is also a daughter, sister, mother, aunt, friend and animal lover. Come between her and her first cup of morning coffee can be fatal, if not at the very least painful. Other than that she’s easy going and it takes a lot to rile her up.

Born in 1955 in the small town of Milo, Maine, she’s lived most of her life in Florida. Today she lives with her daughter and her family. She has her own woman-cave which she shares with four felines whose main goal in life is to get as much cat hair onto everything that they can.

Tory started out penning stories by hand and then on a manual typewriter at the age of thirteen, graduating to an electric one somewhere in her late teens. She was a closet writer for many years until the encouragement of her family prompted her into submitting to a publisher. She’s been published since 2005, and has since retired from Disney to focus on family, friends and writing. ..

Facts about Tory:
she was a twin
she won a school spelling bee in 6th grade
she raced a car getting up to 110 miles an hour
she was on a plane on 9/11
she met Charlton Heston

Tory writes erotic contemporary, suspense, and paranormal romance. She believes in happily ever after, and no cliffhangers! You can find all of her books on her Amazon author page and website. She enjoys hearing from readers whether by email or comments left on her blog. Links are below.

Amazon author page | Website | Facebook | Twitter

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