Hot Scots

Hot Scots, Book 2
ISBN/AISN: 9781934631874/B073MWRPTD
September 2017
Jacobsville Books
227 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Calli Douglas lives a life she would not wish on anyone and it is situation of her own making. She has no idea that the man in a kilt she mistook for a stripper at her sister’s bridal shower will turn her life upside down.

Aidan MacTaggert came to America on a mission when the woman of his dreams tells him to strip for a room full of crazy women. Unlike most men he is not deterred and is determined to make the wee lass fall in love with him.

Aiden is determined to make her his, but the secrets both carry with them may make forever near impossible. When the past rears its ugly head Calli sees no future for them and gives up, but Aiden is determined to wait for her, however long it takes. Will Calli swallow her pride, or let her past determine her future?

Ms. Durand writes an enthralling story. I could not believe the book was over in what felt like a moment; the hours just flew by. Aiden is a dream come true for any woman especially if you love a man in a kilt. I highly recommend the writing of Ms. Durand and Wicked in a Kilt but be warned you will find yourself addicted and want you own Hot Scot.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

Hot Scots

  • Book 1: Dangerous in a Kilt
  • Book 2:  Wicked in a Kilt
  • Book 3: Scandalous in a Kilt

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