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ISBN: 1-59483-222-6
April 2006
Time Warner Books
1271 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020
CD’s – Audio book
$24.98 U.S./$24.98 Canada
Rating: 4 Cups

Exercise is usually incorporated into everyone’s daily life. Sometimes it is not in the form of going to a gym or taking a walk, but a point in life where a person seeks to learn their identity by changing themselves. While being labeled as mother, wife, carpenter, lawyer, author, astronaut, on an endless list, it boils down to just who are you? And how do people perceive us?

Welcome to Your Crisis is a journey about discovery. It explains how to define one’s self. For example, an artist might create how they became an artist and the earlier steps that prompted them to become what they are today, in whatever profession. The stages show one’s vulnerability and resilience to change in life, and how wonderful and often overwhelming the metamorphosis can become.

People go through many susceptible changes. A wife could be in crisis when her marriage ends, wondering incessantly what she did wrong. A company could falter in one day, having the owner wonder why the sudden downfall. Such self-descriptions can be found in the Welcome to Your Crisis lessons. These inspirational words can enhance and create self-esteem that the person may feel they have lost while regaining that new beginning.

Welcome To Your Crisis contains invaluable lessons, rituals, and activities motivating the listener to shut one chapter in their life and begin a new one that truly enriches. Laura Day teaches basis steps to use the power of crisis in one’s life to generate a great life. It is simply exercising the mind and transforming life into something amazing. What I really loved about these CD’s is one can pull up a chair and relax while they get ready to venture on a new self discovery with great promise. Ms. Day has created some inspirational lessons worth listening to and following.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books


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