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New Cover and Now in Print!

The Evans Brothers Trilogy has a new cover and is now available in print! UBL (universal buy link) The Evans brothers have a lot in common. They're bachelors, Texas ranchers, and they own a security business. But the hottest, sexiest thing they have going for them is...

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Cheryl Holt Book News & a Contest!

JILTED BY A CAD Josephine Bates only ever wanted to marry and have a home of her own.  At age eighteen, when a handsome suitor swept her off her feet, she believed all her dreams were about to come true.   But he was actually a cad who stole her dowry and jilted her...

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Five Tips To Jumpstart A Stalled Story

Does this sound familiar? You’ve had a great idea for a story for what seems like months. It’s your best yet and you have a feeling this one’s going to be the manuscript that gets you published. You sit down, you begin to write and write, but then something happens....

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Susan Miura’s Writing Advice

She’s Losing Her Boyfriend, Dodging a Gang, and Struggling with a Power She Can’t Control

Hovering just below the surface of Shilo Giannelli’s average existence lays an amazing spiritual power. Late one night, her world erupts with the revelation that, like her great-grandmother, she has The Gift. But the power to heal isn’t something she can share with the soccer team, her genius little sister, or her boyfriend, Kenji.

Definitely not Kenji.

Deep beneath Misty Morning’s tough façade is a lifetime of abandonment, foster homes and broken dreams. When her two-year-old son is abused by her boyfriend, her fragile world shatters…until Shilo prays for Tyler, and he is healed.

The journey Misty and Shilo take together unites them as friends but invites danger into their lives. It will take a miracle for them to elude a gang bent on revenge, keep The Gift a secret, trust God in extraordinary circumstances, and protect the people they love.

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