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A Look Inside The Gift of Shayla

The Gift of Shayla By N.J. Walters (A holiday m/m/f ménage a trois novella.)   Adam Lancaster has been in love with Rob McKeith—and attracted to Rob's wife, Shayla—for years, but he fears their friendship would be over if they knew the truth. So he's thrilled...

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King in Chains by Grey Francis

King in Chains King in Chains, the second book in the paranormal romance series, Into the Dark Woods, features the vampire trio Cassandra Monteclaire, Killian Monteclaire, and Alastair St. Germaine. A psychologically compelling and literary erotic novel, King in...

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Bound to a Vampire by Grey Francis

Bound to a Vampire Cassandra Monteclaire is a three-hundred-and-sixty-year-old vampire living in modern-day New York. Her human life as a midwife and healer ended three centuries earlier when, condemned as a witch, she was rescued and turned by a Master Vampire named...

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The Men Behind Love and Murder

Welcome to Coffee, Books, and a Blog. I’ve got my cup! My name is Brenda Whiteside. My Love and Murder Series is on the brink of completion. Book Five is on my editor’s desk. Today, I’d like to introduce you to each hero in the series. No telling what they might give...

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Wild Surrender

A short, erotic romance... Amazon purchase link Excerpt - Thomas shook his head to try to clear the sexual fog that he’d been in since meeting Julie. He opened the fridge, and reached for a beer. Then pulled the tab and took a long swig. The storm had stopped and he’d...

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