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New Release for Tory Richards

DEMON, book 2 Desert Rebels MC is out in 3 days! Standalone romance with plenty of suspense and smoldering sex. Available in ebook and paperback. Blurb - Demon - He's a known womanizer and a man with secrets, but he runs Desert Rebels with an iron fist. He had an old...

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It’s My Birthday!!!

Hi everyone, thank you for stopping by. My name is Elise Whyles and I'm a paranormal romance author. I love world building and creating stories which feature strong willed, fiesty heroines, and the alpha heroes who love them. Or the alpha heroes who find love with...

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The fascination of ghost towns

He took the little gift-wrapped packet she held out, slipped it into the pocket of his leather jacket. Turned, looked out at the night, but didn’t move toward the door.
Rose watched him, wondered why he was hesitating. Because he wanted to stay? Talk to her? Get to know her? Because he, too, acknowledged the buzz that was still hovering in the air around them, and he wanted to explore it, see where it would go?
Then he shook his head, turned back to her, the smile still playing softly around his lips. Nice talking to you.”
“Nice talking to you, too.” She meant it.
He still wasn’t heading toward the door. “My name is Jonah. Jonah Livingstone.”
“I’m Rose Badger.”
“Until next time, Rose.” His eyes held hers. Warm eyes. Intimate eyes. Eyes that could create havoc with a woman’s senses. “
She waved once. “See you then.”
He stepped out into the night, turned once again, his hand also raised in a half-wave, half-salute. Then, vanished into the falling snow and dusky evening.
Rose shrugged. Next time, he’d said? What sort of next time? This was Blake’s Folly. People always said they’d be back, but they rarely were. Why return to a pile of clapboard shacks and abandoned trailers? This was nowhere. This was the end of the line, socially speaking. This was a has-been. This was home.

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Carnal Hunger

Has a new look! Readers have been in touch and said they didn't even know this was an MC romance. Since the cover draws them to read the blurb and excerpt they kindly advised that I do something about it. So I did! Nothing gets in the way of what he wants, and he...

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