ISBN# 1-59088-408-6
July 2005
Wings EPress
151 Pages
Young Adult/Action-Adventure

When Josh’s Pa sends him out to look for acorn nuts to fix his false teeth, Josh never
imagined it would take him on a journey that would carry him from a young boy to a man
in just a matter of weeks. When he stumbles and hurts his leg and is unable to find his
way back home, he does not know if the Indian who has stopped to aid him is one that
is kind or one that will turn him over for sport when he is healed. What Josh soon learns
is that the white man is not the only ones that have families. He begins to make friends
with the Indians who have saved him. People who the white man would shoot first then
ask questions later. He learns a lesson in itself the hard way.

I was on the edge of my seat when the mountain lion met up with Josh and Eagleman. I
was hopelessly wishing I could put my hand through the pages and help them. It was a
suspenseful moment, one that could be felt through every cell in my body. When Yellow
Moon saw Josh returning and knew what had happened and she stopped in her tracks, I
felt her pain. When Josh shared Little Bear’s hurt, it made it even more like a real story
with real characters. They would be his family. Lessons learned in life at an early age.
And when Josh was finally reunited with his Pa, I burst into tears.

Edge of your seat, pulse racing action as Josh becomes a man in this high-power story
that draws you in with each turn of the page, truly mesmerizing. A keeper of a book, one
I did not want to put down. We need more books like this. I wish I could have given it a
higher rating. This was an incredible adventure worthy of five cups and more. A very
happy ending that will make you glad you read the book. Oh yes, Ms. Williams has
written a touching story that will pierce your heart in such a good way.

Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance


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