Black Reign MC

  • Book 1: Rycks
  • Book 2: Wrath
  • Book 3: Shotgun
  • Book 4: Fury
  • Book 5: El Diablo
  • Book 6: Samson
  • Book 7: Lawdawg
  • Book 8: El Segador
  • Book 9: Warlock

Black Reign MC, Book 9
BIN: 010576-03437
December 2022
Changeling Press LLC
104 Pages
Erotic, Motor Cycle Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Warlock is done with women after his Mom dropped him and the woman he loved betrayed him. He is trying to begin to rebuild his life, and then Hope walked in the door and showed him that just when he thinks he is done there is more to come. Hope is his wife, but he never married her; his mother’s dying act was to give him a wife, and he has no idea what to do with her.

Hope has never had anything good in her life until she met a kind woman who was slowly dying. When the woman leaves her son, Maximilian Wagner a.k.a Warlock, to Hope in her will, Hope took a chance which just may turn out to be the nail in her coffin. When she initially meets Warlock he makes her so angry she bashes him over the head with a bottle.

Hope knew she was taking a chance in tracking down her new husband because she is aware he has no idea what is coming his way. Warlock has sworn off women for life, but cannot seem to let Hope go. When another tries to make the decision for them will they stand united and fight for each other, or give up altogether?

I found the story of Hope and Warlock intriguing but incomplete. I enjoyed the storyline and the characters, but there were plots in the story which were left hanging.  Ms. Karland is a talented writer and keeps the reader engaged. Despite the feeling of something missing in the story I thoroughly enjoyed reading Warlock and Hope’s story.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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