Black Reign

  • Book 1: Rycks
  • Book 2: Wrath
  • Book 3: Shotgun
  • Book 4:  Fury

Black Reign, Book 4
ASIN/BIN: B09HQ2B22H/010030-03255
October 2021
Changeling Press LLC
99 Pages
Erotic, Contemporary, MC Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Noelle, a.k.a Brawler, is training under the best MMA fighter, but not for the reasons he assumes. She does it to take care of her brother and because Fury is hot. When she is backed into a corner, she does what she needs to, knowing it is the only way to save her brother, but also knowing it will cost her Fury.

Fury is training Noelle because her last trainer was an idiot. Realistically, he is unable go without seeing her but when he sees her in an illegal fight, he is furious. When he saves her for the second time, he knows he will never be able to let her go, even if he has no idea what to do with her.

Noelle is in real trouble, but never thinks to turn to Fury because she knows if he finds out he will never train her again. When her world falls apart, she finds he is the one to help her pick up the pieces and move forward. Unfortunately, the past is not done with them yet, and in the end they may not survive.

If you want to see big men fall for a woman in more ways than one, then Fury is the perfect story for you. Fury is irritating, but the joy in watching Brawler teach him a thing or two was a wonderful experience.  Ms. Karland is an excellent writer who makes her male characters super alpha but she also makes her females just as strong emotionally, mentally, and now physically. If you enjoy watching big men fall for the little women, then give Fury a read and see how these girls do it.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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