Foxglove Corners Series

  • Book 1: Darkness at Foxglove Corners
  • Book 2: Cry for the Fox
  • Book 3: Winter’s Tale
  • Book 4: A Shortcut through the Shadows
  • Book 5: The Witches of Foxglove Corners
  • Book 6: The Snow Dogs of Lost Lake
  • Book 7: The Collie Connection
  • Book 8: A Time of Storms
  • Book 9: The Dog from the Sky
  • Book 10: Spirit of the Season
  • Book 11: Another Part of the Forest
  • Book 12: Where Have All the Dogs Gone?
  • Book 13: The Secret Room of Eidt House
  • Book 14: Follow a Shadow
  • Book 15: The Snow Queen’s Collie
  • Book 16: The Door in the Fog
  • Book 17: Dreams and Bones
  • Book 18: A Ghost of Gunfire
  • Book 19: The Silver Sleigh
  • Book 20: The Stone Collie
  • Book 21: The Mists of Huron Court
  • Book 22: Down a Dark Path
  • Book 23: Shadow of a Ghost Dog
  • Book 24: The Dark Beyond the Bridge
  • Book 25: The Deadly Fields of Autum
  • Book 26: The Lost Collies of Silver Hedge
  • Book 27: All the Pretty Little Collies
  • Book 28: Phantom in the Pond

ISBN# 1-59088-520-1
May 2006
Wings E-Press
281 Pages
Cozy Mystery
Rating: 4 Cups

Jennet, a high school English teacher, loves her life in Foxglove Corners. She has a beautiful Victorian house, a wonderful collie and the love of Deputy Crane Ferguson. She is involved with the community, particularly the local library fundraising committee. Not all the members of the committee are so happy; one particularly moralistic woman wants to ban several classics from the shelves. An enemy from Jennet’s past is also making life difficult.

Crane loves his job. He is also looking for the perfect piece of land to build his dream house. His significant other, Jennet, who has a tendency to get involved with murder, has just stumbled over another body. Someone is also vandalizing her home so he has to watch over her even more closely.

A leading member of the community is murdered on the steps of the library, with no obvious suspects. The victim is not exactly as she seems, which leads amateur sleuth Jennet Greenway to find out who exactly the real Marla Holland was, especially since the life of a beautiful collie hangs in the balance.

This is a very engrossing cozy mystery. I loved Jennet and her friends, especially the tealeaf-reading author Lucy. The mystery was not easy to solve with many red herrings, twists, and turns. The subplot of Magic the collie also kept me interested. Other characters such as Addie the femme fatale and ladies’ man Brent were also very vivid, making this an extremely enjoyable read.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books

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