The Gates of Heaven Series

Book 1: The Wolf Of Tebron
Book 2: The Map Across Time
Book 3: The Land Of Darkness
Book 4: The Unraveling Of Wentwater
Book 5: The Crystal Sceptor
Book 6: The Sands of Ethryn

The Gates of Heaven, Book 3
ISBN# (13)9780899578910/(10)0899578918
27 October 2011
AMG Publishers/Living Ink Books
Trade Paperback
318 Pages
Youth Fantasy Fiction Christian
Rating: 4 Cups

Jadiel is a young girl of twelve who misses her mother terribly after her death. Her father has now married a horrible woman with two nasty daughters, and the wicked stepmother keeps Jadiel from her father until she sends the young girl on an impossible quest– retrieve the Eternal Tree’s leaves or her father will die.

Callen is a young man who works for Jadiel’s uncle. He is a woodworking apprentice and soon stumbles across old drawings of a bridge. He is curious and sets out to find what he can, despite the tales of tragedy and danger behind them.

If both Jadiel and Callen start on separate journeys, soon their paths cross. Callen saves Jadiel from men who try to sell her, and they continue on together, hoping to solve both their mysteries. But travel is treacherous, and their faith will be tested. They will have to rely on their instincts, since one never knows who can be trusted on this journey.

What a land of wonder and amazement does Ms. Lakin paint! It is colorful yet desolate and changes swiftly throughout the story. I think this story is great for all ages, not just a young adult. The characters are well put together, and the quest they venture on is fairy-tale-like, with a Christian backing. Amazing! I believe each book in this series is a stand-alone, though I always recommend reading them in order.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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