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The Gates of Heaven Series

Book 1: The Wolf Of Tebron
Book 2: The Map Across Time
Book 3: The Land Of Darkness
Book 4: The Unraveling Of Wentwater
Book 5: The Crystal Sceptor
Book 6: The Sands of Ethryn

The Gates of Heaven Series, Book 6
ISBN-13: 9780899578941
February 2014
AMG Publishers
Trade Paperback
324 Pages
Fantasy, Fiction
Rating: 4 Cups

Ethryn is dying a slow, painful death under the beating sun. With everything in him, King Kael will fight to save his city.

Reawakening after five thousand years, Sha’kath the Destroyer is more determined than ever. He will reign over all humanity and crush any who try to stand in his way.

When he finds the tower, Kael prays it will give his people hope. Instead, it brings them to the brink of despair. Upon touching a stone on the tower, Kael succumbs to a death-like sleep, allowing his city to fall under siege. It is during this time that Kael relives an entire existence as Lael, Keeper of the sacred site. God has special plans for this very troubled young man, but will he accept his duty, or continue to run as evil builds a tower to destroy heaven?

The footsteps chasing Lael, then subsequently guiding the elderly archivist, resonate throughout this story. The auditory anomaly transitions into almost a heartbeat-like feeling as time go on, which lends an even deeper chill to an already impending darkness of evil. It is this ever pervasive sense of doom that makes this story difficult to enjoy, in my opinion. However, it does not stop you from wishing for a happy ending, even knowing that evil lurks around every turn.

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The Gates of Heaven Series
The Wolf of Tebron, Book 1
The Map Across Time, Book 2
The Land of Darkness, Book 3
The Unraveling of Wentwater, Book 4




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