ISBN: 0-446-57822-3
January 2006
Warner Books with Walk Worthy Press, Time Warner Book Group
1271 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020
$22.95 U.S./$29.95 Canada
256 Pages
Self-Help & New Age/General

Ty Adams endured much in her years as she found herself indulging in much sexual
activity that brought on a spiritual battle with her conscience. From these experiences
she found the love of God and changed her life for the better.

Ms. Adams thought nothing wrong with moments spent circled in sexual activities; to
only go and repent later for her actions. She read verses, then asked her Maker for
mercy before the sexual urge hit again. After all, she could always seek pardon
afterwards. She soon realized she was cheating herself of something most important.
Temptation was a part of life that was easy to act upon. It was always a physical desire
that really did not hurt if she asked for forgiveness later. But what she learned was far
greater in her search for exoneration.

Years later, Ms. Adams learned she was actually hurting her spirit body every time she
fell prey to persuasion. Sure, she could ask for forgiveness, but what was she really
doing to herself in the meantime? Her saintly body, the inside temple, was not getting
the necessary supplement for her to have a life with her Maker. She learned the
discovery of discipline needed to follow the spiritual advice that had been handed down
from verses. She discovered how to keep abreast of the physical desires that one is
often tempted in their daily lives. She uses her valuable lessons, along with verses, to
help any age that fights with temptation on a daily basis.

Ms. Adams pens a well-written read with Single, Saved, and Having Sex. She instills
religious verses that can help anyone before they are led astray by physical desires of
the flesh. Her words are uplifting as they lead you to that one power that loves us all.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books


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