Esposito County Shifters Book 2
July 27, 2017
Belaurient Press
98 Pages
GLBT paranormal romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Gavin Leeds is a photojournalist who may have just bitten off more than he can chew. When he and a co-worker go hunting to find out more about a possible white slave ring, it ends up being far more dangerous than they bargained for. On the run, he and his co-worker get separated and he winds up at a cabin in the woods belonging to Mike Ivanov.

Mike Ivanov is an alpha bear shifter. He is surprised when a man not dressed for being out in the woods winds up at his cabin, but not displeased, especially when the man turns out to be his very human mate.

Just as Gavin and Mike begin getting acquainted, winter decides to rear its ugly head with a snowstorm and then to top it off his beta arrives and he finds out he has been challenged for alpha by someone in his pack. He thinks to keep Gavin out of it and to just go and get the challenge over with, but Gavin’s dead grandfather has other ideas. And it is a good thing he does, because Gavin arrives just in time to save Mike’s beta. Some people just are not willing to accept a gay alpha. He banishes the challenger and his wife, but he knows that will not be the end of it. Now he has to explain to his very human mate that he is a bear shifter and the facts including the romantic facts of bear shifter life. Will Gavin who is only looking for a good time be willing to entertain the idea of forever with Mike and all that entails?

Shifter Woods: Roar by Nicola Cameron is an entertaining, erotic, humorous paranormal romance. I found the snark highly amusing, and the action and romance was fun too! If you enjoy m/m and shifter romance laced with some heavy duty action then you will love Shifter Woods: Roar! I highly recommend this book and plan on purchasing the first book right away.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

Esposito County Shifters

Book 1: Howl
Book 2: Roar

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