Hollywood Name Game

Hollywood Name Game, Book 5
October 20, 2020
Alexa Aston
225 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Wynn Gallagher is the man of the hour but he is really tired of being there. He wants a different career, but he needs the best to get him out of the lime light. In order to get the best he must do something he never does, and that is an appearance. Sometimes being a superhero means making sacrifices, but meeting Scarlett is no sacrifice

Scarlett Corrigan is a member of a powerful family in Hollywood, but the best part is they are also some of the best people someone could have in their corner. She has dumped a man she has no future with, but when her plus one seat is given to Wynn Gallagher, her whole world changes. Unfortunately, in trying to juggle family, career, and Wynn she commits a lie of omission, and Wynn does not take it well.

Wynn and Scarlett were on the path to love, but due to past deceptions the two make a mistake and instead of talking it, out their relationship imploded. There is one more secret Scarlett has, but before Wynn and Scarlett can fix their relationship an explosion of mighty proportions threatened any reconciliation and future of love. Can Wynn forgive Scarlett for her one last secret, or will their relationship be over before it could ever truly begin?

I am not a fan of books that include deceit. I know conflict is needed, but deceit is no fun, but Ms. Aston handled this story like a true writer who can articulate pain and provide two sides to a story expertly. I sat down and started from page one and read the whole book in one sitting. There is no way to put it down because once you are on the roller coaster of these two lives you can do nothing but hang on and wait for the end of the ride. I absolutely love the characters, the good ones and the bad; well you want to give the bad ones a few choice words but Alexa delivers on that through the characters. I love this series and highly recommend Hollywood Enigma because this is no your run of the mill show business story.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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