Jordan Brothers:

Jordan Brothers, Book 7
BIN: OO9298-03011
March 2020
Changeling Press LLC
85 Pages
Erotic, Mafia, Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Lesley had a rough beginning in life with drug addicted parents, but she is finally getting her life on the right track. When her life is derailed she is unsure what she did to deserve this because she was minding her own business and then she had a gun to her head. When a sexy older man steps in to save her, she knows she will never be good enough to be his, but she will enjoy him while she can.

Jon has no luck with women; with two divorces in the rear-view mirror, he figures at his age he is better off giving up on love. When he sees the beauty with a gun to her head his whole life changes because he is determined she will never feel fear again.

Lesley is uncomfortable letting someone care for her because no one ever has but she will stay with Jon and trust him because she has no desire to die. When Jon’s past shows up determined to get rid of Lesley, will Jon be able to keep her safe or will he lose the woman he has come to love to the mistake from his past? Lesley thought she was safe but loving Jon may be the means to her end. Can she take the chance and fight for happiness, or run and hide as she has done so many times before?

Ms. Slayer writes a wonderful insta love story about two people who desperately need each other. I loved the twists which come throughout the chapters. Jon is a man in need of a woman to love him for the man he is and Lesley just needs someone to love her and put her first in a relationship. If you like a alpha male and sweet girl then Her Faux Sugar Daddy is the book for you.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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