Jordan Brothers:

Jordan Brothers, Book 6
BIN: 009187-02974
December 2019
Changeling Press
123 Pages
Erotic Contemporary Romance, Mafia Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Danil has spent the last year of his life mourning the loss of his former wife and two daughters. The past three years he hid the death of his marriage and his family from his brothers. He realizes while standing before their graves it is time he confessed all and moved on.

Maura is hiding in the home of the family once considered the enemy. She has coveted one man since she was 15 years old, Danil. When her brother died, she knew she had to get away from his best friend and what better place for her to go but to the enemy? The bonus being she got to see Danil and love him from afar because he could never be hers.

Danil decides Maura would be the woman for him even if at first he was unsure what he really wanted. Maura’s past has found her and now she must confess all. Danil and Maura have confessions they need to make and their biggest fear is they will lose the one they are just learning they could never live without. Will Jordan family stand together and fight, or will the enemy finally bring them all down?

Megan Slayer has a writing style that helps the story flow from the first word to the last. She leaves just enough for the reader to wonder could possible happen next which keeps them turning the page. The main characters were well developed but I would suggest starting the series from the beginning to get to know and understand the secondary characters in the story. The lack of background was not enough to ruin the story for me as I still followed along and understood the dynamics between the characters. I recommend Her Dangerous Crush to all who enjoy a good mafia family series.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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