ISBN# 9780988227262
February 2016
Abigail Owen
145 pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Lyleia Naiad, a water nymph without a spring, was hired on as the executive assistant to the billionaire demigod Caster precisely for the reason that she would never fall for her boss. Nymphs have a natural resistance to a demigod’s charm, plus a demigod was partially responsible for the loss of her spring, making it doubly unlikely that she would. This has worked for over a year, but the impossible has happened, she finds herself attracted to her boss. So far she has kept it hidden, but he ends up inviting her to a werewolf mating ceremony where it will practically be impossible to keep her secret.

Castor Dioskouri, a demigod, is a billionaire and successful businessman known for his playboy ways since the loss of his wife centuries ago. Since demigods have an aura that renders them irresistible to those around him, assistants have been hard to find and keep, until Lyleia. Because of her resistance he has been able to get to know her and likes what he sees, even beyond her stunning good-looks. She has become the first woman he has felt this way about since his wife’s death. The invitation he gets to attend a werewolf mating ceremony just might be the thing needs in order to make his feelings known.

During a werewolf mating ceremony pheromone levels go way up while inhibitions go way down. Basically, things evolve into a free-for-all for amorous attendees. Instead of just a simple mating ceremony, where there is a greater chance for them to divulge their feelings, shocking revelations take place. Ones like the truth behind the loss of her spring and the reasoning behind her isolation from her sisters, and a prophecy involving the werewolves. The only things that are standing in the way of them sharing their newfound feelings are a werewolf with rejection issues, a recalcitrant water nymph, and their own stubbornness.

This story was very fun and cute, Ms. Owen’s innovative vision for the familiar trope made for a delightful read. It has the contemporary trope of a billionaire boss and his secretary/assistant mixed with the dynamic twist of the paranormal using demigods, werewolves, and other paranormal beings to spice things up. There was just the right amount of description in regards to the world building, the characters, and the storytelling itself which besides having a touch of humor to it had steamy scenes involving Lyleia and Castor. I would certainly recommend this story to someone looking for a well-known trope with a remarkable flavor added to it.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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