Billionaire Werewolf

Book 1: Billionaire Werewolf ate My Fiancé
Book 2: Hungry Fur You
Book 3: Feast or Famine
Book 4: Dangerous Games

Billionaire Werewolf, Book 4
BIN: 009208-02981
January 2020
Changeling Press LLC
97 Pages
Erotic, Paranormal Romance, Ménage
Rating: 4 Cups

Sadie’s life has take quite a turn in recent years as she witnessed the man she loved dying at the jaw of another who would become more to her. The man she loved came back from the dead as a wolf and another wolf comes along and makes her world complete. She has been turned into a wolf and it is her destiny to save them all. The world is coming apart due to the greed of one faery king who wants more power and will do everything unthinkable to make it happen.

Elijah, Luke, and Greyson never thought to share their mate, let along being connected to other men, but they must accept it all in order to save Sadie and their people when they are needed the most. When all seems lost, Sadie and her men will have to fight harder than they ever have to turn the tide between humans, shifters, and the faery who only wants to leave in peace.

Sadie’s destiny is to save all shifters; a tall order she never asked for or wanted. But if not her, then who? She will fight until her last plan to ensure the shifters will be the victors in a war where everything she loves could be lost. Her three mates can do nothing other than stand together with the mates they love and keep the one they need the most safe from harm. Will their strength and cunning be enough, or is the world of shifters lost?

Crymsyn Hart keeps the reader on the edge of their seat. Just when you think this has to be the moment good prevails, there is another upheaval which could lead to the end. I found the story to be interesting if a little stressful just trying to figure out who will be standing when the last page is turned. I would suggest if you want to understand the full story you start with beginning of the series and work your way through. I love the characters and the evolution they go through to get to Dangerous Games.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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