Protect and Serve Series

  • Book 1: Flash Point
  • Book 2 Kitty Kat
  • Book 3: Fox and Feral
  • Book 4: House of Blues
  • Book 5: Don’t Need a Hero
  • Book 6: The Big Blue
  • Book 7: Endless Night
  • Book 8: Shifting Forces
  • Book 9 Realm of Night

Serve and Protect, Book 4
BIN: 05110-01635
August 2023
Changeling Press LLC
41 Pages
Military, Paranormal, Romance, Futuristic
Rating: 4 Cups

Trip spends his time undercover trying to catch a rogue vampire and protect the beautiful woman in the line of fire. It is difficult for him to control his urges regarding the beautiful Maggie, but one night will change everything.

Maggie knew there was more to Trip than met the eye, but he meant more to her than even she could imagine. When Trip is attacked, she decides it is time to team up and get rid of the rogue vampire terrorizing the citizens of the city.

When they both discover their true selves they will band together to apprehend the vampire they both seek. When a blast from Trip’s past decides to target him, will Maggie and him be enough to stop the murders? It is the only way Maggie can hang on to the man who is her whole future and for Trip to leave the pain of his past for the last time.

The writing of Ms. Morgen is fast paced and provides the reader with everything they could want in a story. I enjoyed the characters, and the masking of Maggie is superbly done to surprise the reader with her other form. I found the characters engaging and the storyline intriguing. If you like a paranormal story that is fast paced and worth the read, give House of Blues by Ms. Morgen a read.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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