Savage Raptor MC

  • Book 1: Lynx
  • Book 2: Atilla
  • Book 3: Maui
  • Book 4: Truth

Savage Raptors MC, Book 4
BIN: 010855-03530
Changeling Press LLC
109 Pages
Contemporary, Romance, MC
Rating: 4 Cups

Truth is a man who has learned some harsh lessons from the women in his past, and now he trusts none of them. He discovered the last one, who he thought left him, turned out to be a victim of kidnapping and eventually took her own life because she was unable to live with the horrible things done to her. Now he thinks he is done, but along comes Madison; the game changer. She moves him in ways he could never imagine, and she will be his.

Madison has spent her life unable to hear what people are saying. She is left vulnerable to those who would use her, including family. When her brother drugs her and tries to sell her to settle a debt, Truth steps in. When she meets Truth she realizes there is more to life that just trying to survive.

Madison and Truth find their way to each other, but there are obstacles in their way which may prevent their happily ever after. A surprise gift in the form of one little boy will change their whole world. Can they prevent the past from resurrecting and find a future together?

I loved the story of Truth and Madison because it is a sweet love story that grows to include a boy who desperately needed a family to keep him safe. I enjoy the MC world Ms. Wylde provides because it is more than biker wars and the lifestyle often portrayed in the MC world. Ms. Wylde is a talented writer who grabs the readers attention and makes it hard to put down the book without reading it to the end.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More


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