I am a stay at home mother of five *cough* wonderful children and a husband who is definitely the love of my life.  I love spending time with my family, and enjoy working outdoors.  Christmas is my most favorite time of year.  I’ve been called “Little Miss Christmas” by my friends because not only do I decorate November 1st, but I have “Rudolph” as the ring tone on my phone, and enjoy sitting by a DVD of a fake fire while music plays in the background.  I love everything about this time of year!

I’ve been working at Coffee Time Romance for over a year now, and have found a new family here.  I have many roles here at CTR; including Head Editor, Chat moderator, and Interviewer.  I’ve even been known to torture a few of our fellow staff (love you evil twin!).  I am also an author, and have six books published to date.  For more information on this side of me, however, you’ll have to check out my website at www.loriderbybingley.com .  I’m an avid reader, a lover of horses and have a cat named Mischief who is my little sulk, and has been known to tick off a few crows in his time.  I don’t know which is more humorous – him being chased by crows, or me having to chase the crows to save him.  Either way, I protect all that I love with whatever means necessary (in this case, usually a rock!  lol).  Have a great 2007, all!

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