Hi I’m Hollie, *waves*

I live in York and study Media at York St John University. I’ve been a reviewer here for five years and decided to update my bio. But I’m not sure what to say…

My kids are getting older, Jojo is 18 now, and the boys are growing into thoughtful young men we are proud of. I’m still happily married, I couldn’t do half the things I do if not for Rob’s support including getting my degree, he makes the best secretary a girl could want.

My life is changing and I hope it continues to change for the better, but with my families, I have a second CTR family, around me whatever happens it will be fun.

One Year Anniversary
Staffer for Two Years
Staffer for 3 years

No Ifs, Ands, or Bears About it by Celia Kyle

High Risk by Vivian Arend

Her’s to Claim by Patricia A Knight

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