Hello Diane and welcome to Coffee Time Romance. Why don’t we sit down in our cozy recliners and share a hot cup of java. We want to get to know a little more about author, Diane Craver. I know I am anxious to get to know about the author who composes delightful stories at every turn.

Hi Cherokee. Thank you for the warm welcome and wonderful introduction. I’m thrilled to be here today.

I am sure the readers are eager to hear about your latest, Marrying Mallory. By the way, I love the title and the clever premise to the storyline.  

I believe you fashioned Mallory after a personal experience. Can you fill us in on a bit more about the premise and how it all developed within the story? 

When I was little, I wanted to be Miss America when I grew up. I even practiced my singing for my talent. I would stand on the edge of a field and sing to the neighborhood children. They were so attentive that I was sure I had talent. Boy, was I delusional. I couldn’t sing then and still can’t. But maybe it wasn’t my voice that held their attention. Hopefully, my friends liked the words to my songs because I made them up as I blasted out the verses to them. 

Or they were just bored. We didn’t have video games or DVDs back in the old days. We stayed outside a lot and played. By the way, I didn’t grow up to be Miss America. I didn’t have a special talent or the pretty looks to enter the beauty pageant. My main character Mallory in my new release isn’t Miss America material either. In fact, she has a large nose. I used a personal experience that I felt would make for a realistic character. I got into Mallory’s mind completely because I know what it’s like not to have a cute small nose. The book trailer.

I still remember reading, Whitney in Charge. That was a lovely book as well. Can you tell us what other works Diane has in store for this New Year?  

I loved writing about Whitney, her second love and her sisters. I’m so glad you liked it, and I loved the terrific review you wrote for Whitney.  

I’m sorry to say that I don’t have any scheduled releases after Mallory. I recently submitted a novella, “Your Place or Mine” to Carina Press. It’s a contemporary romance where a couple both are determined to buy the same duplex. I had a blast writing it. Hopefully, I’ll receive some positive feedback from the editor and get a contract offer for it. I do have several new stories I’m working on.  

Of all the genres do you prefer composing inspirational more than others? 

Although I enjoy writing inspirational, I like writing other genres more.   

Diane, why not describe your workplace? 

For years, I worked at a desk using a family PC in our study. My husband complained that I was always in my “office” so two years ago, I bought a laptop to use for my writing. I write in different rooms now, but I’m thinking of cleaning a spot on my cluttered desk and using the laptop in the study part of the time. I’m getting distracted by my husband and daughters’ chatter.   

What draws you to a book, the cover, the blurb or the back page short synopsis? 

The back page short synopsis grabs my attention the most.  

How many hours a day would you say you contribute to writing? 

It varies a lot and depends on my deadlines. On some days I might only have short periods to write, but other days I spend several hours writing.    

What part of the book do you find the most appealing, the beginning, the middle or the end? 

I find the middle the most appealing because by then I’m very much invested in the story and characters.   

Diane, after reading your compassionate and uplifting stories, you remind me of a loving person with a heart of gold. Can you describe yourself in five words?  

Nurturing, dependable, funny, loving, talkative  

Name three things you expect from others? 

Understanding, compassion, honesty 

With a husband, and six lovely children, if you could plan the sweetest vacation for the eight of you, where would it be and what would it consist of? 

Our family has grown because our son and his lovely wife were recently married on Nov. 28th. I’d love for all of us to go to Hawaii, but since my husband refuses to fly there, then I’d plan for us to drive to Outer Banks. Some of us went to Outer Banks last August for the first time and loved it.  If I could afford it, I’d rent a house right on the beach so we could go and have a great time together. 

What five vegetables would you not want to taste or eat again? 

I like most vegetables so can only think of these three – turnips, sweet potatoes, and red beets,  

Can you finish the sentence, “life is short…” 

“Life is short so don’t dwell on past mistakes, but move forward with confidence and hope.” 

Surprise, author Diane Craver is having a book signing at Barnes and Noble one morning. She has also been chosen to attend a school gathering with 50 first graders, and to be sure to bring plenty of fresh baked cupcakes. On the same day she is sharing in a special ceremony for her husband, and a few others, at a quaint restaurant that evening. Does Diane graciously find a way to attend all three functions that day, or does she find a way to reschedule the important events?  

Having raised six children, I remember rushing to several events in one day, so I’d find a way to attend all three functions in one day.

You wake up one morning to learn that you and your husband have accidentally switched places. What kind of day would you and he have to look forward to?

First, the beginning of the day wouldn’t be a lot different. We work together in getting our two daughters with special needs off in the morning. Although my husband’s retired, he teaches a few classes of junior high Math three days a week, so I’d take his place and try to use the few Math brain cells I have. Then I’d go to the Y to work out which will be interesting. I never go to the Y. Attempting to lift weights and using the gym equipment will be a challenge. He also swims laps so I can handle that. I like to swim.  

He wouldn’t like switching with me because he doesn’t like to read or write. It would be a major struggle for him. He’d give up probably and do household chores instead. He doesn’t do laundry but is great at helping with vacuuming and cooking. 

Diane, I cannot thank you enough for being our guest today, and taking us on a wonderful journey into your life as an author. You certainly do put your heart and soul into your books. I look forward to your future stories.

Thank you, Cherokee, for the thoughtful and creative questions. I had fun answering them.

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