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Want to see what your favorite authors are up to?  Want to add to your TBR pile with a new author?  This is the place for you!  We are proud to introduce you to our Feature Authors.  These wonderful authors have a page to share with you their latest information and tell you about their books, their appearances, and their book release schedule.

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Skeletons to Close to Home – Linda Lattimer

i                           This book is filledwith twists and turns, action, danger, and conspiracy at every turn. I was enthralled from the very beginning. For those who love a great mystery with a fast moving plot and a fantastic story line, this book is a superb...

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Skeletons too close to Home

Joe and Michele their first meal after he has been released...he mentions her family:  “After ten years of being locked up, I thought this place would be different, but it’s the same ole town. It never changes. Maybe a small joint to stop and eat a bite or a few more...

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Cheyenne and Her Prince – Linda Lattimer

                                             All eyes focused on Serendipity as the news spread through the general store. Her knees wanted to buckle. Had it been that long since it all happened? Buck Calahan was the man who had comforted her with her Mama’s passing...

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Ready, Willing and Abel

READY, WILLING AND…ABELHow Abel and Lynne met in the beginning:     “All right, we’ll go meet them,” Abel said as he started down the hill. But no sooner had he gotten a few steps he observed the reason for Samson’s harsh barking. “What is that girl doing?” His feet...

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Ready, Willing and Abel – Linda Lattimer

                          Here is what readers are saying at Amazon about Ready, Willing, and....AbelAverage Customer Review: 5 starsLovely story, March 10, 2005Reviewer: Fran (Wisconsin, USA)  Ready, Willing and . . . Abel is a sweet story, full of charm. Ms....

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Fear, An Anthology – Linda Lattimer

                          Coffee Time Romance Mystery and suspense fill the pages of this intriguing contemporary romance. I really became involved with the characters in this book. Frank and Stephanie feel very much like a real couple that anyone could know. I...

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My Soulmate, Bob

          July 2008 I have recently been given a three month contract with Wings for my Western Historical Romance, Serendipity’s Sacrifices I have recently been given two contracts from Lyrical Press for Cheyenne and Her Prince Charming and A Family for the Holidays...

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Linda Lattimer, Author

               I met Bob when my dad was stationed at Ft. Benning, Ga. In fact, at the time, Bob was an E-7 in rank and my dad was his 1st Sgt. I remember my dad would come in from work and say that Sgt. Lattimer had those troops out there running again at 2 in the...

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My Life with Apache – Linda Lattimer

                          The Romance Studio Ms. Linda Lattimer has written several books I have read and this one, while different, is every bit as good. Her characters are so vivid and either compassionate, or harsh, or forgiving, as the case may have been, that it...

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