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Want to see what your favorite authors are up to?  Want to add to your TBR pile with a new author?  This is the place for you!  We are proud to introduce you to our Feature Authors.  These wonderful authors have a page to share with you their latest information and tell you about their books, their appearances, and their book release schedule.

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Terri Giuliano Long, Feature Author

Terri Giuliano Long   Coffee Time Romance Visit her SiteBlogeMail     About Terri...   Terri Giuliano Long is a contributing writer for IndieReader and Her Circle eZine. She's written marketing pieces for print and online media, edited technical articles, and written...

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Sutton Fox, Author

Sutton Fox   Web SiteBlogeMail About Sutton... Sutton on the Web ... Writing is my passion. Even though sometimes the creative journey is a struggle, I find it immensely fulfilling. Each aspect of a novel holds its own special reward for me, whether it’s the actual...

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Sky Purington, Author

Sky Purington     Web SiteeMail About Sky ...   Best-selling author, Sky Purington lives in southern New Hampshire with her son and husband. The written word has been her obsession from the very beginning. Purington writes time-travel paranormal/fantasy romance...

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Shirley Martin

Want to keep up with Shirley?  Join her Yahoo Group! Just ReleasedJanuary 2006 The sequel toNight Secrets In a realm where vampires and demons battle for supremacy, one mortal woman is caught in a dangerous game ... where loving an immortal could mean her...

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Samantha Gail, Author

Samantha Gail   Web SiteeMail About Samantha...   Writing is just one of my many passions.  I spent nearly two years on a sailboat, navigating the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic and never stray too far from big water.  Exploring the vast state of Alaska, belly dancing,...

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Sable Hunter, Author

Sable Hunter     Web SiteeMail About Sable ...   My name is Sable Hunter.  I am a published author who writes erotic romances as Sable.  The books I write are cowboy, paranormal and contemporary romances.  My hometown is New Orleans, Louisiana and much of what I write...

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Rene Lyons – Feature Author at Coffee Time Romance

  I've always loved to write, yet it wasn't until I was fifteen when I knew I wanted to one day make a career of it. After many years of 'attempting' to write, it was only a year ago I gave up merely trying and completed my first novel. Taking the chance of a...

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Marquete Williams, Feature Author

Marquete Williams   Coffee Time Romance Visit her SiteeMailFacebook     About Marquete...   Marquete William`s life experiences have become one with her passion for writing. She`s honed her talent and skill on Script Writing and Writers Workshops and belonged to a...

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Lizzie T. Leaf

  Lizzie T. Leaf is an Award winning author of Paranormal Romance novels and novellas, with humor and spice, and Erotic Contemporary Romance novellas.  She enjoys mixing it up with various Paranormal and Fantasy worlds her way, or mixing it up under the covers...

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Trio of Discontent – Linda Lattimer

                          The Romance Studio Linda Lattimer has written a suspenseful story of love, sex, misunderstanding and revenge. I have to say through a majority of this story I really disliked Vincent, but kept hoping he would see how wrong he was before it...

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