Since 2009 it has been a long journey from simply writing as a hobby to finally becoming a full-time writer. I never know the difference between an author and a writer. I like to think that I’m both but again, I guess it depends on your view. I’m a bestselling erotic romance author of over 150+ stories (that number will hopefully keep changing)

I’m addicted to writing and I look forward to many more stories to come.

Viper was a scary guy and the reader will begin wondering how could Viper and Pepper ever make this work. The author pulls the reader in and invites them along for a fight to the death or life. Viper’s story is truly insane and the fact he can truly feel anything for anyone is amazing. Pepper and Viper’s story is an amazing adventure from death to salvation no one should miss. If you love a bad boy, then Viper is for you, even if he is a work in progress for Miss Pepper.

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