Killer of Kings, Book 1
ISBN#: 9781772332721
Evernight Publishing
144 Pages
Contemporary, Suspense, Erotic, May/December, Dark Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Viper has been hired to kill so many times before, but for the first time it does not feel right and he makes it a point to never feel. What do you do when a woman looks their killer in the eye and says she is not afraid to die? Then what do you do with a mark who turns around and saves your life instead?

Pepper cannot believe the first man she is attracted to is being paid to end her life. When she flips the script on him, he does not expect anything to change, but reality is different than Pepper could ever believe.

Viper is now wanted dead by a man because he saved Pepper from certain death; Pepper is still marked for death by her stepfather, but she has a plan. The question is will Viper and Pepper live through her plan or will it lead to their death? The bigger question is can Viper and Pepper find a lifetime with each other for however long they should live?

Viper was a scary guy and the reader will begin wondering how could Viper and Pepper ever make this work. The author pulls the reader in and invites them along for a fight to the death or life. Viper’s story is truly insane and the fact he can truly feel anything for anyone is amazing. Pepper and Viper’s story is an amazing adventure from death to salvation no one should miss. If you love a bad boy, then Viper is for you, even if he is a work in progress for Miss Pepper.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

Killer of Kings

  • Book 1: Taking Her Innocence
  • Book 2: Broken Bastard





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