ISBN: 978-1-60313-256-5 (Trade Paperback) / 978-1-60313-257-2 (E-Book)
September 2008
Whiskey Creek Press
PO Box 51052, Casper, WY 82605-1052
Trade Paperback / E-Book
$15.95 TP / $5.99 EB
341 Pages
Romantic Horror
Rating: 4 Cups

Book 1: Papa

Randall Parker is a security guard. His life before Amy was one of disappointment and longing. His ex-wife Joey made his life Hell, and if it was not for their two children, he would have left years ago.

Amy Parker is an elementary school teacher. Her love for children is evident to anyone who knows her. She is also devoutly religious, and does not believe in divorce for any other reason than abuse.

How in the world is Amy supposed to tell Rand that his dead children are haunting her? They are the reason she had to quit her job, and they are the reason she has not left the apartment for a month. Rand is at his wits end with Amy, but his love for her means he must keep trying. Taking her away to a secluded cabin feels like their last chance at happiness. Little does Rand know that Henry and Gracie will be there waiting for them, but Amy knows. God is punishing them for their sins, and her nightmares are quickly coming true.

This story, like the fairy tale Hansel and Gretel, has a macabre and disturbing undertone. The characters of Rand and Amy become unwitting pawns to his dead wife’s deal with evil. This really makes you think twice about reading those innocent little fairy tales to your children.

Book 2: Blood of Amethyst

Amethyst Phillips is the only person her father has left, and he does not let her forget it. Her mother died when she was a young girl, and since then her father has relied solely her.

Gabriel Reece is the sheriff for Woodcutter’s Grim. He is also the Guardian for the Protectorate.

Gabe has tried to get Amethyst to leave her father since they were eighteen. Now she is pregnant with their child, and he feels even more strongly about getting her out of that house. Amethyst refuses to leave her father, and the more Gabe insists the harder she resists. Something is calling her, and that something is the same nightmare she has had since she was a young girl. Can Gabe save his love and his child, or will he lose both in the ultimate sacrifice?

Rumpelstiltskin comes to life and wants fresh blood in this story with a vampire flare. Gabe and Amethyst are both completely devoted to their respective lives, and this leads them on a path of pain and despair. I found this to be the saddest story of the series, but very poignant.

Book 3: Dancing to the Grave

Diana Anders-Jones is the music teacher at the Woodcutter’s Grim School. Music has been a huge part of her life for as long as she can remember. The only thing more important to her is Kurt.

Kurt Jones is one of the Chosen 7, Brethren of the Protectorate. His job keeps him away from home most nights, and one fateful night in particular.

Diana and Kurt almost lost everything when they lost their baby. Diana was forced to endure the miscarriage and the loss of her best friend on the same night. She did not deal well with either loss, and neither did Kurt. Now they were back together and struggling to get their marriage on solid ground, but fate has one more card to play. Will they be strong enough to survive, or will the Piper steal everyone’s happiness?

This story gives you one more reason to intensely dislike rodents, and is probably my favorite book in the series. Diane and Kurt are equally strong and interesting characters. Their story is one of love, and a devotion to fight together in order to save their marriage.

The last chapter: The Amethyst Tower

Prince is the son of Gabe, and the prophesied Guardian of the Protectorate. He will die and be born again as many times it takes to rid the world of evil. Too bad he has absolutely no idea how he is supposed to do this.

Rapunzel is locked away in the Tower of Amethyst. She has been here for as long as she can remember. She knows no other existence, except from her dreams and the books she reads.

Prince has three days left in this life. If he cannot find Rapunzel this time, he doubts he ever will. His strength is being sapped, and every time he is reborn, he gets weaker. Searching the past and the present has yielded no results. The only choice left is the future. This will be the most dangerous and deadly trek he has undertaken, and he knows that if he is not successful, there will probably not be another chance. Evil is getting stronger every day, and Rapunzel’s cries for help, more desperate. Will his strength hold out long enough to find and save her from becoming the Warlord’s bride, or will evil finally gain enough power to take over for good?

The weight of the world rests on one man’s shoulders, and he is slowly crumbling. This tale is the last in a wonderfully spooky series, and it does not disappoint. Prince is pushed to the edge, and not knowing if he will survive keeps you guessing right up until the end.

The Woodcutter’s Grim series takes childhood fairy tales to the extreme. They are all somewhat creepy if you really think about them. It is no wonder kids have nightmares after hearing them. I enjoyed them all, but Book 3 is my favorite with its equally strong characters. The ending ties them all together, and leaves just enough to the imagination. You are just waiting for the low eerie music to start playing before the curtains falls. Sleep tight!

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books


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