ISBN# Unavailable
September 2007
Eternal Press
60 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Poetry is the fruit of the tree of the poet’s life. The poet draws on experiences, and then shares his or her thoughts and feelings with the reader.

Good poetry should evoke some type of emotion from the reader. It can make one laugh, cry, or produce a simple smile.

Whisperings of the Soul does all of these things. It runs the gambit of emotions. There are a few comedic pieces, such as “Move On” and “Grow Old Gracefully”. “A Smile” and “Awakening” are both sweet and simple. Some of the poems are lengthier than others. “Inspiration” and “Shadow Dreams” are both small, yet powerful works. My personal favorites are “Sphinx” and “Darkeyes”, which are a bit haunting and thought provoking.

Brittany Kingston is a very talented poet. She is able to induce sensations throughout her pieces that are keenly felt by the reader. Although the book has a gypsy feeling, there are only a few that specifically relate to gypsies. Ms. Kingston obviously draws from the raw emotions that she has felt throughout her life, which have creatively inspired her. Whisperings of the Soul is a fun, yet moving poetic work.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books



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