Sins for all Seasons

Sins for All Seasons, Book 2
ISBN #: 9780062676023/9780062676047
August 2018
Avon Books
Mass Market Paperback/EBook
389 pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Gilly Trewlove was once a foundling; a throwaway child. She was lucky enough to have been found by a wonderful woman and raised with love. She is ambitious and owns her own tavern.

Antony Coventry, Duke of Thornley, is handsome, rich, and powerful. That does not seem to be enough for the woman of his choice.

Having been left at the altar, the Duke of Thornley combs the streets of London in search of his errant fiancée. He is attacked and left for dead behind the Mermaid and the Unicorn tavern. The tavern’s owner Gilly Trewlove takes him in and nurses him back to health, but the feelings he has for the beautiful tavern owner cannot get in the way of his search for his wife to be.

I really enjoyed the second installment of this series. Gilly is the only girl in Mrs. Trewlove’s adopted family, and she has as much ambition and as strong a work ethic as any of her brothers. As successful as she is, there is a huge difference in the life she leads and that of one of the most powerful noblemen in the land. I really appreciated the author’s attention to detail. Most historical romances only describe the lives of the upper classes, this novel depicts the poor and lower middle class as real people with hopes and ambitions and the determination to make a better life for themselves. When added to a wonderful love story, this is a book that is very hard to put down.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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