ISBN# 978-0-557-18748-5
November 2009
267 Pages
Horror, Science Fiction, Poetry, Erotic Romance
Ratings: 4 Cups

Three Little Kittens by Cassandra Lee

Kittens, John, James, and Jack, decide to take their lives back when they learn that mommy is selling secrets to dogs and vice versa. If the story is correct, they know there could be repercussions, but if they wish their freedom, they must find common ground to lead a happy life. After all, mommy cat, Jeannie Horner, is not really what one would call an ideal mother.

Cassandra Lee tells a good story with a nice setting to it. Even though there were some intense moments, sometimes payback is not always good. Then again, sometimes one has to stand their ground; you go, kittens.

Glass Slipper by Isabelle Rose

She is never able to leave the house, and her stepmother is anything but nice. One can say the stepmother is as wicked as they come. When the young girl is given the glass slippers, she must dance till midnight if she wishes to be free. That is all she asks — to have freedom. No longer does she wish to be a slave in someone’s home. Can her fairy godmother show her freedom is just around the corner, or will the young girl always be a prisoner under her stepmother’s roof?

Isabelle Rose paints a story in this read where I could feel the young girl’s pain. There were times I felt the tortured soul of the young girl reaching out to me for help.

Natalie’s Garden by Jessica Lynn Gardner

At all times her head must be kept shaved, that is what Dr. Harris learns about Natalie Romaine when she becomes his patient. Even though Natalie often holds morbid thoughts, she carries much patience within her soul. Dr. Harris wants to try to reach out to her and help with her problem, but when his wife begins to accuse him of cheating, will he be helpful to Natalie or just the opposite?

Jessica Lynn Gardner definitely pens an awesome read with Natalie’s Garden. I was so captivated by the events. With a great twist and intense moments, this tale grabs and holds, not letting go.

Green by Isabelle Rose

All she wanted was something to eat, something to fill her aching need to avoid starvation. She desperately pleads with her husband to step into the witch’s garden and bring back some greens. Once her husband obeys her command, she had no idea the price she would have to pay to fill her longing desire. Can she repay the witch, or has her life been destroyed forever?

Isabelle Rose kept me in tune with each sentence that flowed with this tale; as if word for word were made for each other. I love the storytelling and the crisscross that springs into action along the way.

Mrs. Culling’s Reformatorium for Wayward Children by John H. Howard

Hansel and Gretchen were so happy until their mother died and their father married Florence. Now they find themselves being placed in a home so Florence and their father can spend some time alone. Under Mrs. Culling’s roof, the accommodations are not pleasant, as Mrs. Culling’s cane often leaves bruises and much pain. The food may be extremely pleasant, and the other castaway children become friends, but there is a darkness within the halls where Hansel and Gretchen must give Mrs. Cunning a wake up call before she supplies them with one.

Wow, this story had its moments. John H. Howard enlists a cast of children, making them a great asset to the story. He takes a story and creates a new spin on the events, bringing a charming tale to life. Talk about a joyous and rewarding ending,

Snow by Isabelle Rose

When she ran away from the wicked queen, the seven dwarves called her Snow White, but all those pesky things wanted her to do was work. Snow could never allow anyone inside the house. There was absolutely no fun at all. When a witch comes to her door, Snow White knows the woman is her wicked stepmother, simply by the color of her eyes. She was given ribbons, a poisoned comb, anything to get her heart, but the seven dwarves always arrived in time to intervene. Will the Queen finally get her victory over Snow?

Isabelle Rose creates a cute Snow White story. I love the part about the comb. I must admit the different kind of twist with Snow was something I never expected.

Cinder Sister by Leigh Dragoon

She wishes to escape her mother’s clutches, and when a man she knows nothing about takes her away, she is welcome to go with him. He believes she is absolutely beautiful and invites her to stay with him. Is she willing to stay with this man after all the punishment her mother has bestowed on her, and what price will there be to pay?

Leigh Dragoon gets right to the point with this tale as she gives her characters depth and emotions that find a place in the reader’s heart.

Dylan and Megan by Charlotte Emma Gledson

Dylan loves his mother but she has changed into something that is not pretty with alcohol, drug abuse and a new not-so-nice boyfriend. When tragedy strikes, Dylan and sister, Megan, are able to flee. Is the woman who befriends them a friend or foe, and can she help them forget all their past struggles? Megan and Dylan will have to find a way to overcome any obstacles if they wish to find that everlasting happiness.

Emma Gledson pens a mind-blowing experience that almost takes the breath away. The words ‘just desserts’ definitely stuck in my head many times. She kept this reader on pins and needles wondering who could be trustworthy.

Jack and the Beanstalk by Jeff Ezell

Jack needs to help find food before he and his mum die of hunger. His pathetic father is nowhere to be found, and now it is up to Jack to be the man of the family. Unfortunately, after running into a no-good doer, he considers the hefty price he might have to pay to make things right.

Talk about a twister, this story was awesome. Jeff Ezell crafts an incredible zigzag of a story that really spirals upward and beyond.

Bridge of Bones by Dave Rex

Tumolyn is sort of a clever Troll who relishes in feasting of flesh. Three human visitors decide to cross his bridge, thinking everything will go well with them. The brave knight, the captivating beautiful human visitor, the third passerby a rotund and scholarly-looking fellow, then a fourth visitor, but who will be lucky enough to trick the troll?

A delightful tale indeed that leaves the reader with a warmness in the heart, as this tale is played out. Dave Rex spins a lovely tale of delight and joy,

Seeing Red by Isabelle Rose

He wanted to find her. Red he called her, and his love for her is real. Will he be able to find Red, even if it means following her scent everywhere? He can only hope the end will be a happy one.

Isabelle Rose creates a different tale that is a nice twist on words from this poem of Red.

The Legend of Liddy ‘Red’ Hood by Jennifer L. Miller

Her grandfather has called her Red ever since she can remember. At twelve, he allowed her to test to be a soldier in the Resistance Corps. With no mother, what was a child to do? In a place where even the alien could almost appear human, and when it appears in the form of Wolf, is it friend or foe when Liddy is sent on a mission? Can she risk the Wolves finding the Home Base’s perimeter, or will this be the end of her?

This was a different sort of tale that kept the reader’s interest. Jennifer L. Miller takes a thought out tale and gives the reader some new insight to the wolf and Red.

I Wore Crimson by Rachel Ayers

She sounds like her mother when her daughter wears the red cape and gives her a basket of goodies as she is on her way. Even though she has prepared her daughter for a journey, she knows it will be up to her daughter to choose the right path. With so many wolves in the world, the mother can only hope her advice will be heeded.

Rachel Ayers makes this tale one of lessons learned at an early age. One can only begin to wonder, if the right path will be chosen in this enchanting poetry of words.

Snow White’s Release by Isabelle Rose

The Queen is very strict when it comes to Snow. She does not allow her outside and forces her to work with the other servants if she wishes to eat. Snow has no idea why her stepmother hates her so. A friendly huntsman gives her passage out of the castle, but the Queen never gives up her search for Snow. When Snow happens upon seven brothers, they are not too keen with her staying with them. Nonetheless, she may stay on one condition; each brother needs a female to keep them warm during the night. Will she consent to their request to keep her safe, or will her heart find love within the walls?

I have to say I loved each of the brothers, but Reese and his connection with Snow was absolutely breathtaking. Isabelle Rose fashions a tale indeed well worth the read. It emits true love, genuine emotions, and enormous expressions making it a winning tale.

Twisted Fairy Tale Anthology is a wonderful assortment of fairy spins that will delight. Pure enchantment and delicious reading at its fullest. Each author delegates uplifting stories that leave some eye-opening experiences sure to please. Some of the characters are truly indeed enchanted, witty and downright wicked; they will stick in your mind for days to come. I encourage and recommend these scrumptious tales by these talented storytellers.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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