Wild Witches of Beaver Bay, Book 3
BIN: 009184-02973
December 2019
Changeling Press LLC
111 Pages
Erotic Paranormal Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Trinity has always had strong feelings for Jeff, but he denied them because she knows she has a soulmate and is waiting for him. When she follows the call of the family legend, she finds Jeff, but she knows he is not her soulmate. When her life takes a scary turn, she realizes she could never live without the man who has been in her life since the beginning.

Jeff has loved Trinity since he was a young boy, but because of a legend, she will never be his. When he sees her with her soulmate he realizes that she has found her one, and believes all hope is lost.

When their destiny arrives, neither expects what they are called to be. Imminent death at the hands of a demon will bring Trinity and Jeff to a decision which will change their lives. With Demons out to infiltrate the Wild family, it will take all their power to fight, but victory appears to be just out of their grasp.

The story of Trinity and Jeff runs the gamut of emotions starting with frustration and running through pain, horror, and love, among others. The story is an paranormal adventure that includes witches, demons, and lots of magic. I love the story line and enjoy a series of books which revolves around the power of the women and the equally powerful men who fight along beside them. Paranormal finds will enjoy Trinity and Jeff’s chapter of the Witches of Beaver Bay Series.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance and More

Wild Witches of Beaver Bay
Book 1: Trinity and Jeff

Book 2: Spirits of Christmas


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